Hosting Your First Open House In Farmington Hills-How to Impress

Hosting Your First Open House In Farmington Hills-How to Impress

Hosting your first open house in Farmington Hills is all about impressing potential buyers. Here’s how you can nail it. The words “open house” gets buyers excited like you wouldn’t believe. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to not just see the house up close and personal but also find out what others think about the house. This is the time for them to scope out the competition and see if the house is worth the price or not.

As the seller for your first open house in Farmington Hills, you need to make sure everything in the house is shape. With that said, one thing an open house presents is the opportunity to dazzle buyers. If you have a home for sale in Farmington Hills, a few simple steps can go a long way in getting the right price and selling the house quick. Let’s have a look at the five things that hosting your first Farmington Hills open house and impress potential buyers.

1. Time It Right!-Your First Open House In Farmington Hills

First things first, do not be hosting your first open house in Farmington Hills on holidays or any other national events. Chances are no one will show up. While weekends are best to host open house events they also work when planned for weekdays, only if executed the the right way.

2. Let Your Farmington Hills Real Estate Agent Guide the Buyers

While it is your house, trust your real estate agent to tell the buyers about the features of your house. They have been doing this for years and will be better at laying down any fears and questions to rest. From getting your house staged to communicating with buyers, inviting people to the open house and getting feedback, all is taken care of by the real estate agent. Sometimes, the presence of the homeowner makes the buyers uncomfortable in voicing their concerns. They are able to talk more openly with the real estate agent thinking that their comments might offend the homeowner.

3. Subtle Staging

Instead of renting furniture, use what you have to stage the house. Minor touch-ups like placing a flower bouquet on the dining table, a plate of cookies on the kitchen counter, an abstract painting in the hallway, a showpiece on the coffee table, etc, can add to the experience.

4. Send The Pets Away

If you have pets, then you know how smelly the house can get. Any kind of funky smell can make the buyer walking fast— straight out the door. Here’s what you can do to get rid of the smell:

  • Send your pets to your neighbor’s house
  • Hire a professional cleaning service for the carpet and couches
  • Buy a dehumidifier and get rid of all the moisture in dank and musty areas
  • Spray air freshener in every room, 30 minutes before the buyers start arriving

5. Stow Away the Valuables and Personal Belongings

Everyone wants their house to feel inviting and cozy but when hosting your first open house in Farmington Hills; you need to take down your personal belongings. Buyers like to visualize themselves living in the house and with your memories on display, they will be distracted. Moreover, there will be dozens of strangers in your house, which is why you need to store your valuables such as jewelry, checkbooks, cash and other things in a safe place.

6. Let Natural Light In

Always host your first open house in Farmington Hills early afternoon , when the sun is bright in the sky. Natural light will lend the house a warm glow, which will tug on the heart strings of the buyers. Make sure the curtains don’t squeak when opened and closed because you never know if the buyer will try to move or open them.

7. Highlight the Home’s Best Feature

Is it the deck in the backyard? Your garden with the built-on BBQ setting? The porch? For example, you can place some garden furniture in the yard and present it as a family setting for Sunday brunches and dinners.

8. Serve Refreshments

As soon as the buyer enters the house, greet them personally and then offer them a cup of coffee and cookies by directing them to the kitchen. A warm or a cold beverage and a sweet treat goes a long in getting the conversation started.

So, now you know why it is so important to make sure that your  first open house in Farmington Hills goes smoothly. Those buyers who will be impressed will definitely call for a negotiation on your home for sale in Farmington Hills and that’s a great start.

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Open House Strategies That Stand Out

Open House Strategies That Stand Out

Getting eyeballs on your open house can be a challange especially when there are multiple open houses taking place in the same neighborhood simultaneously, you’re going to want to find a way to make your property the most memorable one in town.

Aside from keeping the home immaculately clean and staged to perfection, there are other, decidedly more interesting strategies that some Realtors® use to leave a lasting impression in the minds of would-be buyers.

Take a look at these innovative ideas that’ll take your showing from “so-so” to “sold.”

1. Strike up the open house band.


Music creates a unique vibe and works as an easy ice-breaker in almost any setting, which explains why some Realtors® choose to turn up the volume on an otherwise-quiet open house by bringing in a band.

Let the style of the home, time of the year, and area of the country dictate which kind of music you select. From a string quartet to a bluegrass band, potential buyers will remember a house with an unforgettable soundtrack.

2. Host a raffle.


Who doesn’t want in on an opportunity to win something? Hosting a raffle, in which visitors enter by leaving their pertinent info, is a fun way to collect leads and generate a positive feeling toward the property. From a flat screen TV to a gift card to a local garden center, a giveaway can go a long way toward getting people excited about a home.

3. Sell more than just the house.


Few things cause drivers pull over to the curb and get out of their cars faster than garage sales. Chances are sellers have plenty of items they don’t wish to drag along to their next dwelling, so hosting a garage sale on the same day as the open house kills two birds with one stone while generating massive foot traffic.

4. Provide snacks & drinks.


Let’s be honest: Shopping makes you hungry. Offering out-of-the-ordinary treats for potential buyers leaves a nice taste in their mouths — literally. Fixins such as fresh fruit and finger foods may just make peckish visitors linger and take a longer look at the home. Embrace the season by featuring items like warm apple cider in the fall or hot cocoa in the winter.

5. Stage an art exhibition.


Artwork adds instant sophistication to any space. Partnering with local artists and galleries and showing off some original masterpieces is a mutually beneficial arrangement that will definitely get visitors talking about the home. Sculptures in the garden are an equally nice and unique touch.

6. Time it just right.


Who says your open house needs to take place between 2 and 4 p.m. on a Sunday? If your favorite part of the home is the view of the spectacular skyline or stunning sunset, your buyers will probably feel the same way.

Instead of hosting an open house during a time that doesn’t show off that eye-catching feature, schedule it for the ideal period that showcases its most appealing aspect and really dazzle your prospects.

7. Celebrate the season.


If you’re selling during a holiday season, have some fun by dressing up the house to really get into the spirit. Halloween decorations, a backyard Easter egg hunt, or Christmas carolers add a bit of intrigue and separate one home from another in the minds of buyers.

8. Turn it into a party.


Really show off the home’s full potential by creating a fun and unforgettable scene. If the backyard is the place to be, fire up the barbecue. If the home theater is the spot that get the deal done, throw on a classic film and rent an old-fashioned popcorn machine. Does the gourmet kitchen garner the most interest? Host a cooking demo and watch buyers salivate!

9. Keep the kids entertained.


Kids running amuck at an open house is every Realtor® and seller’s nightmare. Eliminate this issue by providing activities that will entertain small but curious visitors so their parents can turn their full attention toward the home. Outdoor arts and crafts, a backyard karate class, or even a magician prevent little wanderers from locking themselves in the bathroom while allowing Mom and Dad to focus on their potential new address.