House Hunting With The Right Farmington Hills MI REALTOR®

House Hunting With The Right Farmington Hills MI REALTOR®

House Hunting With The Right Farmington Hills MI REALTOR®  – Most first-time homebuyers will agree that the only thing more exciting than shopping for your first house is the day you move in. That being said, shopping for the right house can put even the most seasoned shoppers to the test.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 56% of buyers of all generations believe that picking the right house is by far the most challenging step in the home buying process. Even with the ability to search online 24/7 for houses, 52% of buyers say that help in finding the right home to purchase is what they want most from a REALTOR®.

That is because the information you find on websites doesn’t compare to the local knowledge and expertise an experienced agent brings to the table. However, not all real estate agents are equal.

If you hire an agent and red flags about their performance are coming at you left and right, you need to quickly decide if you want to respectfully cut ties and find another. Since buyers agents don’t get paid during the house hunting phase, you don’t want to string them along and waste both your time and theirs. Of course, the best course of action is to partner with the right agent from the get-go. 

What You Should Expect From Your Real Estate Agent and Red Flags 

Here are a few things you should expect from your real estate agent and a few red flags to look out for:

1). A qualified Farmington Hills MI real estate agent should be able to provide in-depth knowledge of the area. If they have to Google an area you asked about, send you homes outside your desired area, or they can’t tell you about an area’s proximity to local shops, restaurants, walking trails, or commuting times, this may be a red flag that they are not the right agent for you.

2). A good real estate agent will take the time to understand all the facts about your situation. The last thing you want to do is spend your time house-hunting, find a home you love, and get your heart set on it, only to find out that there’s some restriction that doesn’t allow you to buy. Experiences like that can be avoided upfront with an agent who takes the time to understand everything about you, your time frame, your budget, and what type of mortgage you qualify for.

3). Your agent should be objective and act as a consultant rather than a salesperson. If your REALTOR® is pushing you towards a house that’s not the best match, you feel pressured to just hurry up and buy, or you don’t like something about a house and voice concerns and they’re not considering your perspective, it may be a red flag that the agent is more interested in their sales commission than helping you find the right home.  

4). You want a Farmington Hills MI REALTOR® who keeps their finger on the pulse of the market, who’s got all the listing alerts set up and is the first to know when new inventory becomes available. Your agent should provide you with access to the most up-to-date listings so that you don’t miss out on your dream home. 

If your agent rarely if ever sends you houses or you often find listings that match your specific home criteria long before they do, its probably an indication they’re not on top of the MLS or working that hard on your behalf.

Finding The Right Farmington Hills MI REALTOR®  

Here are a few tips for finding the right Farmington Hills MI real estate agent to work with from the beginning:

You will want to interview at least 3 real estate agents before committing to just one. Compare your choices based on performance such as the number of transactions they’ve completed in your target neighborhoods, how much money they save clients on average, and the percent of the list price their buyer clients end up paying, on average. 

You also want to ask them important questions like how well they know the area, how many clients they currently represent and how many they work with at one time, the kind of properties they help their clients buy (single-family homes, condos, townhomes), their experience working with first-time homebuyers, and what separates them from their competition.  

The Takeaway

Since the agent you choose will be by your side from house hunting to closing, you want to make sure you hire an experienced and professional Farmington Hills MI REALTOR® with the expertise you can trust and a personality you’ll enjoy working with. 

Why You Should Partner with Top-rated Farmington Hills MI REALTOR® -Tom Gilliam

2020 Best of Farmington Hills REALTOR - Tom GilliamWhether you are interested in buying a home in Farmington Hills, MI, or its time to list your current property, experience matters most in a changing market.

With over 20 years of local experience, Farmington Hills REALTOR® – Tom Gilliam is very familiar with the local market and has access to the most up-to-date listings. Tom is known for his professionalism and is an expert at uncovering the perfect home for his clients’ lifestyle needs in the right neighborhood or community.

Search Farmington Hill MI homes for sale

For sellers, Tom will create a comprehensive marketing plan that exposes your home to the public as well as to other real estate agents through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), other cooperative marketing networks, open houses for agents, and so on.

Your listing will appear on all the most popular real estate sites where buyers spend hours a day looking at homes such as, Zillow, Trulia, REMAX, Redfin, and dozens of others. Your home will also be featured on Tom’s own highly-trafficked website You can be assured that your property will get sold quickly and for the highest market price.  

Tom works very hard for his clients. He will protect your interests and be there as your trusted guide and advisor throughout the home buying or selling process. If you or someone you know is interested in real estate in Farmington Hills MI, please give Tom Gilliam a call at (248) 790-5594 or you can reach him here.

Tom Gilliam, REALTOR®
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29630 Orchard Lake Rd.
Farmington Hills 48334
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Buyers Expand The Search For Affordable Homes

Buyers Expand The Search For Affordable Homes

Frustration for today’s home buyers could not be more higher with home prices increasing and record low inventory to choose from in all of Oakland County and the metro Detroit area as a whole. The number of buyers that have expanded their search to find affordable homes outside the normal suburbs have increased substantially in the new quarter of 2018. Although the average buyer would find a new home close to work and family, this has become daunting and unattainable for many. Home buyers have had to expand the search for affordable homes to the suburbs and beyond in attempts to find an affordable home that they love and that fits within their budget.

Being a home buyer in today’s market it’s no secret that home prices have been increasing lately, and especially in the nation’s most populous metropolitan areas including Metro Detroit. So what are home buyers doing to ensure they find – not only a house they love – but one that fits well into their budget? Well one strategy is to expand the search from the priciest locations for a more affordable neighborhood in the surrounding area. In other words, home buyers are getting creative in their search for a great home at a great price. And while this usually means moving to the suburbs, in some cases potential buyers are moving even further out.

“Buyers have traditionally sought refuge in the suburbs during times of high home prices,” Javier Vivas, director of economic research for the National Association of Realtors’ consumer website. “But with today’s record highs even the suburbs have gotten pricey, which has demand flooding outward as options disappear and prices move further out of reach in top job hubs.” In short, expand your search radius which may be a good way to find a home that’s within reach of both your budget and your job. More here.


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6 Categories of Farmington Hills House Hunters

6 Categories of Farmington Hills House Hunters

6 Categories of Farmington Hills House HuntersTrying to categorize Farmington Hills house hunters motivations and levels of seriousness is something that’s hard to resist. Many a successful seller will tell you how they originally mistook the ultimate buyer for an unreliable looky-loo (or vice-versa). Still, judging from the articles written on the subject, apparently it’s worth recognizing the different sorts of house hunters and the categories that describe them. Category names vary, but here are six cited most frequently:

  1. Serious surveyor. The most common variety of house hunter, the serious surveyor has usually viewed the Farmington Hills listings online, prepared a budget, and possibly even pre-qualified with a lender. The serious surveyor is patient—if a home fitting their must-have list isn’t available within the budget, they’ll keep hunting until the pieces fall into place.
  2. Burn-up-the-tracker (aka Relo Express). These house hunters are usually motivated by factors that force a quick decision. They can be in danger of succumbing to the stress of the circumstances, which could result in a less-than-optimal buying decision. If I am their agent, it’s my job to alleviate as much of the stress as possible by making sure that they are exposed expeditiously to the Farmington Hills listings that meet their requirements.
  3. Laid-backer. Farmington Hills house hunters are in no hurry to go beyond the canvassing-Farmington Hills stage. This can be due to their current housing situation (as when a future purchase can only be finalized after their own home has been sold), or because the laid-backer isn’t totally convinced that they really want to move. This buyer is not to be confused with a true looky-loo, who is not really a buyer at all. On the contrary, many a laid-backer becomes an enthusiastic buyer once they feel educated about the Farmington Hills offerings and discover an appealing property.
  4. Hard Sell. House hunting can be a delightful opportunity to tour Farmington Hills homes that are at their best: spit-and-polished for inspection by qualified prospective buyers. For the hard sell buyer, however, it’s likely to be less fun. This house hunter has probably had some bad earlier house hunting experience or other because distrust of almost every detail rules the day. In truth, it’s a fine idea to subscribe to the “trust but verify” school of house hunting—that’s why a home inspection should always be on the agenda. But it’s too bad if there’s no measure of enjoyment to be had in the process.
  5. Market Buster. Fully aware that in any buyer-seller relationship the buyer-side ultimately makes the important decisions, this house hunter is focused on making a deal that defies market realities. That may be possible—but sometimes the result is more predictable: most properties that can be had at below-market levels are priced that way for a reason.
  6. Frozen. This is a rarely seen Farmington Hills house hunters: frozen in indecision either because of the momentous nature of the decision, a bewildering array of appealing offerings, or a shifting set of their own priorities. Frozen house hunters can become unfrozen if they miss out on a home they realize in retrospect was the one!

You needn’t try to fit into any category to succeed in your own Farmington Hills house hunting venture. One step I can guarantee will advance the process: call me!

Tom Gilliam- 248-790-5594

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