If you think it’s about time you bought a home instead of renting, a little homework before you start looking will increase your odds of finding the best buy for you. Here’s how:

Dig up your down payment

Know where your down payment cash will come from. If it’s coming from stocks, go ahead and sell them. If Aunt Jessie is loaning the money, get it in hand so you are ready to go.

Nail down your financing

It’s tough to home shop if you don’t know what you can afford. Together with a reputable lender, we can help you determine how much home you can afford and which loan program will maximize your buying power. By getting pre-approved for a loan, you’ll be a better prospect in the seller’s eyes.

Take your time

Don’t jump at the first home you see. Let us introduce you to different areas and home types to see what suits your needs the best.

Do your homework

Once you’ve found the home you want, ask us to run a competitive market analysis of other homes that have recently sold, so you’ll be able to make a sensible offer to purchase.


With expert assistance and a positive attitude, home shopping can be fun and rewarding

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