The Best Day To Go See Houses

The Best Day To Go See Houses

It’s Sunday morning….You’re scheduled to go out and see houses later on with your real estate agent. But it’s nasty outside. It’s beyond pouring. You can’t even imagine walking from the car into a house. You’d rather just cancel the appointment and hang inside, maybe watch some TV.         best day to see houses calendar

You can always go see the house next weekend.

But should you wait for next weekend?

Should you even wait to go see houses only during the weekend?

There’s five weekdays you can go see houses. Is there a better day than a Sunday?

What if someone else scoops up the house before you end up getting out to see it? Right?!

Sure. Totally a possibility. And, totally a reason to motivate and go see that house today in the rain.

But that’s not the point of this article. The point is that the best day to see a house is not necessarily Sunday. It’s also not necessarily not Sunday.

The best day to go see houses is when it’s raining. Even better if it’s raining heavily. And it’s best if it’s been raining for a few days straight.

Picture this…

It’s the future. You skipped going to see the house in the rain, but you ended up buying it eventually. Of course you had a home inspection done on the house during the process. But that was a sunny day, and it hadn’t rained in some time.

Then, after you’ve lived in the house for a while, you start to notice a drip in the ceiling. Or some dampness in the basement. Or worse, actual water on the basement floor.

You’d probably be pretty upset. You’d feel like the owner should’ve disclosed it. You feel like there’s no way they didn’t know that this was a problem. And you’d probably be right. But good luck proving it.

Then you think one of the real estate agents should have either noticed the issue, or knew about it and hid it. But, there’s a good chance that the agents truly didn’t have knowledge of it. And frankly, unless the real estate agents are told about an issue, they aren’t qualified to assess issues that a qualified home inspector should pick up on.

Ahhhh…the home inspector. The home inspector should pick up on it! That’s who to blame and go after.

Most likely they would pick up on water related issues. There is usually some sort of evidence they can see.

But sometimes these types of problems aren’t all that obvious. Especially if the inspector is looking through the house after it has been dry weather for some time.

It’s easy to try and place fault, blame, and consequences on others when something goes wrong.

The true enemy, though, is water.

So much damage can be done to a house due to water…

  • From the roof.
  • To the gutters.
  • To the windows.
  • The basement.
  • And even the landscaping and driveway can be affected by water related issues.

It’s best to take advantage of the moments in the buying process where you can face your potential enemy head on…on a rainy day.

You can save yourself a lot of time, money, and aggravation by seeing a house in the rain. If there are problems, they should show up on a day like that. That doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future of course.

That also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy the house of your dreams if there are some water related problems. But at least go forward knowing what you’re dealing with, and ideally getting the owner to own up to and fix any issues before you close on the house. Because once you close on the house, those problems are your problems.

So, if you wake up and see rain on a day that you’re scheduled to go see a house, don’t cancel. Go.

Obviously you can’t guarantee it will rain every time you go see houses, or on the day you do a home inspection. It would be impossible to find and purchase a house if you only looked and inspected homes on rainy days. So don’t get too hung up on it.

But if the opportunity arises, certainly don’t overlook the benefits of getting out to see houses in the rain.

A rainy day can be the best day to go see a house.

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Novi Michigan Home Sale Preparation To-do List

Novi Michigan Home Sale Preparation To-do List

It is a good idea to make your property presentable during buyers visit. When potential buyers tour a residence, they must be able to visualize occupying the space. Novi Michigan home sale preparation to-doNovi Michigan Home Sale Preparation To-do List before listing list entails some fundamental tasks and will result in your home selling quicker and for more money. In this article you will find guidelines for Novi Michigan listings.

Preparing A Home For Showings – Guidelines For Novi Michigan Listings

Neutralizing the Home

While your home is for sale, make the decor less about your personal belongings. This involves removing content that can distract buyers or instill preconceived notions about who you are as a seller. Eliminate personal portraits and decor that express extreme political or religious sentiments.

Hide Fragile Items

Regardless of how closely you or your agent monitor visitors, accidents can take place and items might go missing. Protect your expensive belongings by putting them in a safe place. Pay extra attention to small valuables that would be quickly taken from your house. Lastly, young children might be present, so hide any items that are fragile and easily reached by children.

Clean and Clear

Clean your entire home. Dirty areas get the negative attention of visitors. Try to reduce clutter from your home. Cluttered spaces or overflowing furniture can make rooms appear smaller. Look into a storage space for unused furniture and general storage. Organize closets, cabinets, and other spaces as visitors tend to look inside. A clean and clear living space allows viewers to see past the personal belongings.

Repair and Switch

Do not leave out fixtures that will not be sold with the home. This reduces misconceptions. Also identify needed repairs such as holes in walls, damaged flooring, and plumbing issues. When buyers see obvious items that are not fixed, they assume that you likely avoid other basic issues through the years.

Novi Michigan Home Sale Preparation To-do List and Last Minute Items

Finally, there are some to-dos that you should perform immediately before showing appointments.

  • Remove Trash
  • Clean Rooms and Beds
  • Put Away Laundry
  • Open Shades and Turn on Lights

Novi Michigan home sale preparation to-do list will pay off with increased interest from buyers and more favorable offers. For additional guidance on preparing a home for showings or guidelines for Novi Michigan listings, contact Tom Gilliam 248-790-5594 or [email protected]

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