Roommates Pay Rent

Have Roommates Pay Rent

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Rent isn’t cheap. It’s tough to afford a place on your own. So, you have roommates. Maybe it’s a friend or two. Maybe more. But it certainly beats living “alone”…in your parent’s basement. But you’re still not banking money…Roommates can help! You’re saving some money by renting with others. But not tons. It certainly makes your housing costs more affordable, but it isn’t like you have so much extra every month to just go out and spend on whatever you want. So, it’s probably hard to even imagine saving enough to eventually buy a house. You figure that day will …

Buy a Home in Your 20s

Should You Buy A Home In Your 20s?

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Should you buy a home in your 20s? Good question. There’s no single, sure-fire answer to it. Okay, there is…if you consider “it depends” to be a solid answer.  You can search the Internet and find as many reasons to buy a house in your 20s, as you can find to not buy a house in your 20s. But you have to consider the source of every article. (As I’m sure you do.) What’s the author’s motivation? All you’re really doing is confusing yourself, or convincing yourself what you already want to believe. So, the better question is… Do you …


4 Reasons NOW Is The Time for Buying

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Buying a Home is Now! If you’re considering buying a home, ask any real estate agent worth their salt and they’ll tell you: NOW is the time to do it.  The real estate market is seemingly changing by the day, and if you want to get a great home for a great price, making a move now is in your best interest; conditions a year from now (or even six months from now) aren’t likely to be as hospitable. And why is that? Why shouldn’t you, if you’re interested in buying a home, wait? Why is NOW the time to …

renting buying or selling dice

Renting Your Northville Home Has an Emotional Dimension

The Transformation from Owning to Renting Your Northville Home Renting or selling your Northville home; From our earliest days, everybody in Northville is inundated with tale of transformations. It started with those grade school day trips to science places with exhibits showing the improbable progression of fish (well, pollywogs) into frogs. There were nature TV shows with sped-up motion films demonstrating the unlikely truth that icky caterpillars DO turn into graceful butterflies. In fact, Northville cable TV is littered with the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel and PBS and the NatGeo Channel—all of which seem to be dedicated into …

Homes And Being A Savvy Home Buyer

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Homes Ever Changing Market Homes in our local real estate market is always changing. Compared with not so long ago, that’s a good thing. If you are ready to buy a home in today’s market, you need to take note of recent changes that may affect your buying power.Buying a home in our local market today is not just about finding one in the best condition in a great location for an affordable price. Smart home buyers today require a deeper knowledge of the economy, the local market and regulations. We can help you pinpoint all you need to know …

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell Getting your home ready to sell is not an easy task, but just take it one step at a time, set your goals and get help from your Realtor, when you sell your home its important to pay attention to details, you would never dream of inviting guests to your house without making certain preparations, so don’t invite potential buyers without first making the necessary updates by preparing your home to sell.  If you are like most sellers, you want to get as much as possible for your home and you want to do …

Spring Home Selling 2015

Spring Home Selling 2015 Preparedness-Get Ready!

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Spring Home-Selling                                                                                                                                               As many of us are looking forward to spring home selling 2015 housing market and an end to the cold winter, it’s hard to get excited about it …

2015 Oakland County Housing Market

Invest, Buy, Sell Homes In Oakland County MI

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Invest, Buy, Sell Homes In Oakland County MI Depending upon who you listen to, speak with or what you read, now is a great time to buy, sell or invest in Oakland County, MI real estate. And generally speaking, that’s true but is it the right time to invest, buy, sell homes in Oakland County Mi, I would say yes! But what’s best for you specifically—at this time and in our Oakland County, MI market? Rather than relying on general rules-of-thumb, why not talk to us? As local real estate insider in Oakland County, MI we can give you the …