Farmington Hills Michigan Real Estate Inspection Tips For Buyers And Sellers

Farmington Hills Michigan Real Estate Inspection Tips For Buyers And Sellers

A home inspection is an assessment of the building and all mechanical elements by a licensed professional. It normally includes a review of each visible aspect of the interior and exterior of a house. A certified Farmington Hills Michigan Real Estate Inspection Tipshome inspector has inspected many properties and is therefore familiar with all the features of home construction, utility systems, and how they all should function. Even a handy home buyer may not have the in depth knowledge of an experienced inspector. Farmington Hills Michigan real estate inspection tips for buyers and sellers can be found in this blog.

Farmington Hills Michigan Real Estate Inspection Tips

Buyer Tips

Property buying is a large investment that you should not enter into without in-depth knowledge. An inspection identifies the condition of a piece of real estate and needed repairs. You may realize that most problems are acceptable and can be easily fixed, while others may tell you not to purchase a specific property. Alternatively, an inspection can also confirm that a home is in perfect condition. Good or bad, having this important knowledge will help you make better real estate purchase decisions. A buyer broker will guide you on how to best negotiate results.

Home Owner Tips

Home sellers may complete property inspections prior to marketing a home for sale to address important repairs. A repaired home may sell more quickly than one that is not. If you choose not to repair the problems revealed, be aware that you must disclose any known defects to potential home buyers. This is not actually a bad thing because buyers would at some point find them after their own inspection and would probably ask for concessions. By providing the details in advance, buyers can take it into account when submitting a bid, minimizing the potential added expense of addressing it later in the sale process.

Costs and Inspector Background

The fee for an inspection normally depends on the size of a home. Extra fees may be charged for testing of things such as water quality. Fees can also vary depending on the experience of the inspector. Review the qualifications of an inspector based on training, experience, and professional affiliations. In the end, an inspection is important taking into account the large financial commitment of purchasing a property. For additional advice on Farmington Hills Michigan real estate inspection tips and tips for home buyers and sellers, contact Tom Gilliam at RE/MAX Classic by calling 248-790-5594 or emailing [email protected]

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Half a Dozen Vacation Safety Tips for Farmington Hills Homeowners

Half a Dozen Vacation Safety Tips for Farmington Hills Homeowners

Your Next Vacation Safety Time

An overstuffed curbside mailbox, blazing porch light at noon, or a pile of newspapers out there by your front door all indicate a couple of things Farmington Hills homeowners would Half a Dozen Vacation Safety Tips for Farmington Hills Homeownersdo well to avoid to have a vacation safety time. For burglars and housebreakers of all stripes, these are like lighted billboards announcing:

  • This Farmington Hills homeowner is off somewhere enjoying a nice summer vacation; and
  • This afternoon and/or evening, there’s nobody home!

Every Farmington Hills homeowner deserves an extended break now and then—and the July/August weather makes now the ideal time for many—but it’s also high season for break-and-enter artists (or just ‘enter’ artists, since 34% of burglars walk in through the front door). As long as we’re discussing the percentages, the common assumption that break-ins are midnight outings doesn’t hold water. Sixty-five percent of burglaries happen in broad daylight; most between 10am-3pm.

For vacation-bound locals, a few precautionary steps will do much to avoid a miserable discovery on your return home. If your home is currently listed, I think it’s a good idea to notify your agent to add a “Do Not Disturb Occupants” rider under the “For Sale” sign (whether it’s occupied or not!). In general, here are another six good vacation safety tips:

  1. Recruit some trusted neighborly help to keep an eye on the place and gather any mail and newspaper overflow. Most Farmington Hillsites are delighted to help—and you should offer to reciprocate.
  2. DON’T POST VACATION PIX on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media haunt until you get back. High among leading vacation safety no-no’s are tweets like, “Off to Maui!”
  3. Think like a thief (that is, take a few minutes to case the joint). You’ll find yourself securing little-used doors and windows that are usually unlocked.
  4. Either unplug automatic garage doors that can be triggered by remote control frequency scanner or install a deadbolt lock.
  5. Do a better job of hiding the spare key. Thieves know all the common places. A spare key can be a vacation safety backstop if you need to phone someone to help get into the house in an emergency, but a spare key under the flowerpot is asking for trouble. Best hiding place: inside an envelope you entrust to your neighbor.
  6. Cancel deliveries. An Amazon Prime carton beside the front gate is a commonplace—but when one or more remain uncollected for more than 24 hours, it’s a virtual invitation to the unscrupulous.

Even for Farmington Hills neighborhoods that are safer than most, vacation time burglaries can happen anywhere and anytime that basic vacation safety precautions aren’t observed. A few minutes of prevention should yield added peace of mind while you’re on the road as well as a pleasant return to a safely secured home. I’ll be standing by to help when you start planning the more extended kind of outing: to your next Farmington Hills home!

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