Millennials mortgage Ready

Oakland County Millennials Are “Mortgage Ready” This Spring

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We are approaching the spring of 2019 and Oakland County Michigan home owners are in the process of getting their homes in tip-top shape to get them ready for the spring selling market, but last ear at this time Oakland County Michigan millennials seem to have been overlooked as important home buyers in our market. This spring it would be a major mistake to ignore them as they are ready and willing to purchase a new home as statistics show. Millennilas Are A Force To Target When someone uses the term “millennials,” most people don’t immediately think of financial stability …

Down Payment For Your First Home In Oakland County Michigan

So you’ve decided to purchase your first home in Oakland County, Michigan. Congratulations! Purchasing a home is a huge decision, and it can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life, but getting the down payment can be tricky and challenging. But purchasing a home requires capital, and if your savings account is looking a little trim, it means that you will have to do some budgeting in the upcoming year to make your dream of being a homeowner a reality and having that elusive down payment. Here are 7 budgeting tips to help you buy …

crowdfunding circle

Crowdfunding For Home Purchases – A Futuristic Reality

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When looking to purchase a home in Oakland County, Michigan for the first time can be a difficult proposition and for for many potential buyers, one of the biggest obstacles on the road to homeownership is saving for a down payment. But thanks to a new technology trend, some savvy buyers are turning to their friends, family, and social networks for help in their home purchase these days, and it seems to be a trend that is spreading across the country. It is clear that technology and social networking can be a great way to stay tuned socially and in …

3 Questions before Buying a House

Buying a House-Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First

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Buying a house is everyone’s favorite “American Dream”. People save for years, so that they can live comfortably and secure their future. Today, the real estate market is quite unpredictable. The demand is on high and the supply is less. Sellers are facing too much competition and are taking different tactics to market houses. The current real estate trend requires you to do your homework before browsing the market. Jumping the gun will cost you extra and unbiased advice from friends and family. This might force you to take the wrong decision, which is why it is important to proceed …

Comparable Sales in Oakland County Michigan

How Comparable Sales are Use to Price Your House

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How Comparable Sales are Use to Price Your House Comparable sales are one of the biggest weapons in the real estate agent’s arsenal that he uses to set the sale price of your house. It involves looking at the previously sold neighboring houses and drawing comparisons based on its features. Of course, the current market value tells you a lot about how much the house can be sold for but if you want to find out the sale price to the last dollar, then looking at comparable sales will give you a clear idea on how high you can go …

homeownership month june

June Is National Homeownership Month. Here’s An Interesting Take On It

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Are you aware that June is National Homeownership month in Oakland County and around the Country? Probably not. Because you’re too busy working to afford the home you live in, whether you rent it or own it. Why should you care? If you poke around and read anything you can find about it, you’re being urged to recognize and celebrate the benefits of homeownership. That seems kind of a weird thing to ask you to do. Do you really have the time or care? What’re you supposed to do, throw a party? Sit alone and contemplate it? Invite some friends …

Realtors in Greater Farmington Hills Area Get to know your Chamber of Commerce

Realtors in Greater Farmington Hills Area Get to know your Chamber of Commerce

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Realtors in Greater Farmington Hills Area Get to know your Chamber of Commerce                             This time of year has many of us Realtors in the Farmington Hills and Oakland County Michigan area preparing for the spring housing market when home sellers and home buyers will come out of hibernation and  start their home selling or buying needs. In my recent endeavors to get the best ROI for my marketing dollars I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Lucy from 3V Business Solutions, LLC , a great marketing team …