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Landscaping Tweaks Now’s the Time

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Novi gardening enthusiasts already know this—but for those whose thumbs are anything but green, right now is a special time of year where landscaping is concerned. It’s Novi’s high season for planting and transplanting! You don’t have to intend on listing your Novi home anytime soon to have a vested interest in maximizing your home’s curb appeal. After all, year in and year out the plantings in front and back yards can make all the difference in the kind of impact your property makes—it’s a pride of ownership fundamental. Neighbors and casual passers-by may not realize how much of a …

Is Your Novi Real Estate Agent Getting You Maximum

Is Your Novi Real Estate Agent Getting You Maximum

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Is Your Novi Real Estate Agent Getting You Maximum What can your  Novi real estate agent offer you? That is the question you ought to be asking yourself these days. With the huge shift in traditional marketing methods to the internet, and now social media/networking platforms online, it pays to do your homework before signing any contracts. Although nearly 90% of Novi home buyers and sellers are turning to the internet for their real estate related needs, a depressingly lower amount of Novi Realtors are actually taking the time to learn about online marketing strategies. This can be detrimental to …

Oakland County Home Sellers-Now Playing

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An Award-Winning Script For Your Oakland County Home Sale Here’s a secret. Every moment of every day before and while your Oakland County home is up for sale, we will write the script together for your ideal home-sale movie.                                   That’s right. Selling your Oakland County home now is about focusing on everything that will produce your ideal home sale for you—the script, the cast of characters, the virtual trailer, curb appeal, admission price, the launch—everything. Together we’re the writer and the director, and …