Novi Investment property projects

Novi Investment Property Owners Top 6 Repairs

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What’s not to like? But there is one area that may hover as a wildcard: the maintenance issue. Because tenants are part of the picture, your Novi investment property undergo varying amounts of wear and tear, so keeping them in top shape does require at least some degree of attention. Veteran landlords learn how to handle maintenance and repairs with a minimum of turmoil—sometimes by simply farming them out to professional property managers. In that, we are fortunate—Novi has some great ones! Novi Investment Property Owners Eye Top Repair Calls However you choose to address the issue, it’s useful to …

Oakland County Bonus Tax Breaks When Selling Your Home

Oakland County Bonus Tax Breaks When Selling Your Home

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Oakland County Bonus Tax Breaks When Selling Your Home Taxpayers in Oakland County, Mi who sell their principal residence can pocket—tax-free—as much as $500,000 in profit if they file federal taxes jointly or $250,000 if they file singly. The property must have been owned and used as their principal residence for any two of the prior five years. Homeowners can shelter the profits on the sale of a home as often as once every two years. If the two-year use and ownership tests are not met, but the home is sold because of special circumstances (i.e., health problem, job loss, …