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Sellers Should Never Reveal (Except To Their Realtor)

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Sellers Loose Lips Can Lose Leverage When sellers decide to sell their home, they may find themselves justifying their choice to anyone who’ll listen. But, as the old saying goes, “Loose lips sink ships.” In today’s world where sharing is the norm, sometimes keeping your rationale for making a move all to yourself is the right move. Though sellers would never intentionally want to harm their chances of securing the best deal possible, by being a little too honest, they can ultimately lose leverage when it comes to negotiating. The following are 8 things home sellers should never reveal (except …

3 Things Your Novi Mi Listing Agent Must Do

3 Things Your Novi Mi Listing Agent Must Do

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3 Things Your Novi Mi Listing Agent Must Do Did you know that according to, only about .8% of Realtors are actually using video marketing in Novi Mi for their real estate business? Plus, when considering that almost 90% of people are now using the internet for real estate based searches in Novi, Mi , wouldn’t it only make sense that your Novi home listing agent should include this as a part of their real estate marketing strategy? However, embracing change is not always easy to do, and many real estate professionals are still relying on traditional marketing methods …