The Right Real Estate Agent-Did You Choose Correctly?

The Right Real Estate Agent-Did You Choose Correctly?

Buying and selling a home is a huge life event, and the right real estate agent is the most important person you’ll work with during the transition.

Choosing the right real estate agent is an important resource; they can help break down complex real estate concepts, walk you through the logistics of buying or selling a home and can help move the process along, saving you time, money and energy in the process.

But unfortunately, not all real estate agents are created equal. And while the right real estate agent can make the buying or selling process a breeze, the wrong agent can leave you feeling frustrated with a far too long, expensive and overwhelming real estate experience.

Here are four signs it’s time to cut your current real estate agent loose and find the right real estate agent:

1. You just don’t vibe

Just because a real estate agent is competent and capable of helping you buy or sell your home doesn’t mean they’re the right real estate agent for you. Sometimes, no matter how experienced or skilled they are, you just don’t vibe with your agent.

During the buying or selling process, you’re going to be extremely involved with the right real estate agent. Between showings and contract negotiations and phone conferences, you’ll spend more time with your real estate agent than pretty much anyone else in your life until your home is bought or sold. Which is why it’s important that your personalities work well together.

You don’t have to be best friends with the right real estate agent, but it’s ideal to have some sort of personal connection. You’re entrusting them with one of the biggest purchases or sales of your life, and it’s important that you trust them and believe they have your best interest at heart. You also have to at least be able to tolerate their personality; as mentioned, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them, and if their personality clashes with yours, it’s going to make the whole process less enjoyable.

If you find that your personality is just not a good match for your real estate agent, do yourself (and them!) a favor and find a new agent.

2. Your real estate agent is slow to respond

Things in the real estate world happen quickly, and in order to maximize your time, effort and money, you need the right real estate agent who’s on top of things. And with today’s easy access to technology, there’s no reason your agent should be out of touch for long.

While it’s unrealistic to expect your real estate agent to drop everything every time you reach out, they should respond to all requests (whether through phone, text or email) within a reasonable time frame – which, in the real estate world, is a few hours max. Even if the response is a simple “I’m with another client and will get in touch at X time,” a good real estate agent will make sure to give you the attention you need to successfully buy or sell your home.

If you find that your emails or calls go unanswered for an entire day or longer, you should have a conversation with your real estate agent to establish communication expectations. If things don’t improve, it’s time to look for a new agent.

3. Sellers: Your house has been on the market too long

There’s no magic number for how long your house should be on the market before it sells. But a good real estate agent should be able to sell your home in a similar timeframe of other homes in your area. If your neighbors sold their home in 30 days and your house has been sitting on the market, it’s time to start asking questions.

There are many reasons your home might not be selling, like being priced too high. But your real estate agent should advise you on the reasons your home isn’t selling and make suggestions as to how to get the house sold. If your house has been sitting on the market longer than other homes in your area and your real estate agent doesn’t have any insight or suggestions, it’s probably time to move on.

4. Buyers: You’re finding more properties on your own than through your agent

If you’re buying a home, a huge part of your real estate agent’s job is to send you properties they think would match what you’re looking for. Depending on your market, your agent should be sending you new listings on at least a weekly basis. If you’re consistently finding more properties on your own by combing through listings on real estate sites than you are through your real estate agent, it’s time to find someone new.

Your real estate agent can make or break the process of buying or selling your house. And if you’re not happy with your agent, you owe it to yourself to find someone you feel is the best fit for you and your real estate goals.

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Farmington Hills First Time Buyer Guidance

Farmington Hills First Time Buyer Guidance

Buying real estate may be somewhat scary. The Farmington Hills first time buyer guidance in this blog will clarify certain things. Homes are a big financial investment and buyers should become well educated.

The First Steps                                                                                                                                                                     Farmington Hills First Time Buyer Guidance

Find a Reputable Lender

Contact a local mortgage provider and obtain a pre-approval. Keep in mind that banks may offer varying alternatives than mortgage brokers. Review the services and applicable charges to identify the best option. Get an estimate of up-front costs and recurring expenses. This also helps identify your budget.

Hire a Real Estate Expert

Find a real estate professional to assist you through the home purchase process. Choose someone that best fits your needs. Knowledgeable Realtors will help explain the options, negotiate contracts, and facilitate a less stressful purchase. This can make a huge difference for first time buyers.

Buying Process Information

Real Estate Viewings

Only see real estate that fit your price range. This avoids the disappointment of wanting real estate that is not feasible for you to buy. Home showings are time consuming, so staying within your limits will also minimize wasting of time.

Legal Paperwork

Real estate professionals can provide tips on contracts and negotiating them, but they can not provide legal advice. If you would like a legal opinion, ask about hiring a real estate attorney to explain legal jargon and make any necessary edits to them. Do not sign any paperwork that you do not entirely understand.


Do not use inspections to lower price or alter contract terms as they sometimes do not find any issues at all. Also avoid negotiating known problems. Such strategies often fail and lead you to lose the inspection costs. In cases where defects are found, homeowners can offer to repair defects, offer concessions towards closing expenses, or do nothing at all. Try to be fair with your negotiations and the other party will be more willing to accommodate them.

Walk-Thru Prior to Closing

Shortly before the closing, you normally have a chance to walk thru the property one final time. Try and make this after the sellers have moved out. If any issues are present at the walk-thru, you can address them before signing closing paperwork.

Real Estate Closings

All buyers signing any documents must bring legal identification. Any fees owed must be in the form of a certified check or money order. Have your checkbook ready in case there are any unpredictable corrections. Upon closing, the property is officially yours!

More Farmington Hills First Time Buyer Guidance

The property purchase process can be less intimidating if you maintain an introductory knowledge of what may take place. For more comprehensive Farmington Hills first time buyer guidance, contact Tom Gilliam at RE/MAX Classic by calling 248-790-5594 or by emailing [email protected]

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