4 Reasons NOW Is The Time for Buying

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Buying a Home is Now! If you’re considering buying a home, ask any real estate agent worth their salt and they’ll tell you: NOW is the time to do it.  The real estate market is seemingly changing by the day, and if you want to get a great home for a great price, making a move now is in your best interest; conditions a year from now (or even six months from now) aren’t likely to be as hospitable. And why is that? Why shouldn’t you, if you’re interested in buying a home, wait? Why is NOW the time to …

best Farmington Hills real estate agent

Best Farmington Hills Real Estate Agent Top 5 Qualities

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Top 5 Qualities of the Best Farmington Hills Real Estate Agent for You If you are just about to commit to buying or selling a home in Farmington Hills, the first important task before you comes with identifying the best Farmington Hills real estate agent to assist your effort. That comes first because although you might begin by combing through the current Farmington Hills listings or driving through the neighborhood to spot what’s going on, there is always a possibility that acting without delay will be important. If that happens to be the case, zeroing in on the best Farmington …


Ten-X: We are definitely not in a housing market bubble

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A Great Article on The Housing Market As home prices continue to rise across the U.S., the dreaded b-word is beginning to be heard in some overheated markets.   However, many companies insist that despite the 8.3 million low-income residents who can’t afford their local rent, according to a new study from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the housing market is still not in a bubble. The most recent Case-Shiller results pointed out the housing market is growing more expensive, however it is not about to repeat the bubble years. Ten-X, an online real estate company, became the latest company to explain …

Selling Your Farmington Hills Home planning

Selling Your Farmington Hills Home: Strategic Planning Helps

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Selling your Farmington Hills home is never something you do on a whim. There can be rare situations when the decision to sell is a sudden one that’s forced by unexpected life circumstances (favorable or not)—but selling your Farmington Hills home is not likely to be the result of some sudden impulse. Since that’s the case, it follows that most of us will have been aware for some time that we will be selling sooner or later. That gives us some leeway for improving the ultimate results we can expect when an eventual sale takes place. Thinking about that, and acting …

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$10 Asking Price Historical Mansion

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It’s true that today’s Farmington Hills asking prices fall into a wide range—occasionally even at temptingly reduced levels. But last week came news of one that I have to admit beat them all by a mile (at least regarding the asking price). This was found in Montclair, New Jersey. CBS interviewed the selling agent. Money Magazine wrote it up. The NAR highlighted it. Photos made the offering all the more interesting since the asking price was so low—yet the pictures were not, as any well-schooled real estate watcher would have expected, fuzzy images of some run down dump. The shots …

Mortgage Rates Steady Money Roll

As Farmington Hills Mortgage Rates Hold Steady, Diligence Pays

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Mortgage rates in Farmington Hills remained mostly steady this past month, at least partially due to the predictable July-August doldrum effect. When the summertime vacation schedules of Washington and Manhattan movers and shakers presages a slowdown in activity and economic reports, there is simply less going on that might affect the rate meter—in either direction. Summertime can also mark the beginning of a nationwide tapering off of real estate’s peak selling season. With the added factor of mortgage rates in (town) looking as if they will remain invitingly low for the near future, fear of a sudden rate rise is …

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For Farmington Hills Renters: The 5-Year Tesla Plan

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My 5-year Tesla Plan is fanciful, but based on what could be the situation some Farmington Hills renters can probably relate to. The imaginary 5-year Tesla Plan participant could be any gainfully employed Farmington Hills renters who have been living comfortably in a nice rental for the past few years. It’s  either a comfortable home or a nice apartment: that doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the monthly rent has been rising. It’s now $1,570. This is now gobbling up just about every spare dollar of the Farmington Hills renters income, perhaps leaving only an annual $6,000 bonus for savings, …


9 FSBO Pitfalls & Lessons Learned

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Whether you’ve lived in your Farmington Hills home for a few months or a few decades, you probably think you know it best. But that doesn’t mean you’re the most qualified person for the job when the time comes to sell it. Many folks are tempted to take the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route believing they’ll save a bundle by not paying an agent’s commission. They may imagine it’s a simple as sticking a sign in the ground and watching a qualified buyer magically appear. While that may happen occasionally, the vast majority of that time it doesn’t work …

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Homes for Sale in Northville—What Triggers Buyers?

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What are the most common changes in circumstances that send buyers out looking for homes for sale in Northville? What are the events that trigger typical prospects to comb through the Northville listings, contact Northville Realtors®, set out on house tours—and ultimately make the offer that results in the move to a new home? The answer to that question may be different for everyone, but some in-depth research has come up with interesting similarities among groups of active homebuyers. It matches a conclusion that also conforms with common sense: namely, that the motivating events (or “triggers”) sometimes vary by age …

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Renting Your Farmington Hills Home-Emotional Dimension

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The Transformation from Owning to Renting Your Farmington Hills Home Renting Your Farmington Hills home reminds us from our earliest days, when everybody was inundated with tale of transformations. It started with those grade school day trips to science places with exhibits showing the improbable progression of fish (well, pollywogs) into frogs. There were nature TV shows with sped-up motion films demonstrating the unlikely truth that icky caterpillars DO turn into graceful butterflies. In fact, Farmington Hills cable TV is littered with the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel and PBS and the NatGeo Channel—all of which seem to be …