Asking Price for Your Home

Setting The Asking Price For Your Home-Whats It Worth

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Setting The Asking Price For Your Home-Whats It Worth As the seller, you are often going to have trouble with setting the asking price for your home. If it’s over priced, it will sit on the market for too long and if it is under priced, you might not get any money back on the renovations you just made. This is why it is important to consult a real estate agent before proceeding with any sort of real estate decisions. They have all the resources, which you don’t have access to and they can easily find any information they need. …

Winter Energy Audit Farmington Hills

Energy Audit – 4 Things to Check For Your Winter Home Sale

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You are probably wondering why you need an energy audit for your home for sale in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Well, imagine getting an offer for your house with the buyer paying the exact asking price. You had a home inspection done and the report came back clean. As a good gesture, you included insurance for the appliances and agreed to pay for repairs for the next year. Fast forward two months and the house is sold. A few months later, you get a call from the owner that the HVAC system is not working properly. Upon their inspection, the new …

Hosting Your First Open House In Farmington Hills-How to Impress

Hosting your first open house in Farmington Hills is all about impressing potential buyers. Here’s how you can nail it. The words “open house” gets buyers excited like you wouldn’t believe. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to not just see the house up close and personal but also find out what others think about the house. This is the time for them to scope out the competition and see if the house is worth the price or not. As the seller for your first open house in Farmington Hills, you need to make sure everything in the house is shape. …

Staging in Northville

Staging Counts-The Four Reasons Why

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According to Benzinga, the current housing market in the US is headed towards a nightmare for buyers. You know what that means?  Buyers will be looking left and right to find the perfect house to buy before the market crashes. This can only lead to one thing: fierce competition and if you are planning to put up your home for sale in Northville, Michigan that you need to act now and strategically. Staging your house is so important these days, now more than ever buyers want to see the home laid out nicely in a way they can picture living there. …

Housing Negotiations

Housing Negotiations – 6 Mistakes That Can Make You Lose a Winning Deal

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Have you been searching for your dream house for long? Did you find one but the negotiations did not go your way? Your house search is contingent on negotiations… it can either make or break the deal. Of course, your real estate agent will be by your side guiding you throughout the process but at the end, you have to take the final decision. Often people let go of a great deal on a home for sale in Farmington Hills, Michigan thinking that the price is too high. Until you have looked at the comps and have had a house inspection, …

home appraisal

The 3 Secret Keys To Get a High Home Appraisal

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How to Get a High Home Appraisal The one thing that both sellers and buyers want is a successful and smooth transaction. Thanks to the real estate agent, this is possible but one thing always stands in the seller’s way: the home appraisal value. If the house is not appraised at the right value, the seller could be looking at a huge loss, no matter how recent or big the renovations. This is why it is recommended that before making any major renovations on your home for sale in Novi, Michigan, consult a real estate agent and get to know …

5 Tips That Will Help You Stage Your Home to the Best

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The first thing that every real estate agent recommends to its client is staging. It helps in making your home look inviting and warm and moreover, it boosts the value of your house. Lastly, you can be assured that once your house is buyer-ready, it will get sold in no time. The first step in the “home-selling” guide is to impress the buyer with your house’s appearance. Buyers like to envision themselves living in the house when they take a tour, which means no clutter, smelly odors and your dog running excitedly in circles around the buyers. Here are five …

Why Buying a House is better than Renting One

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“My dream is to have a house on the beach, even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee, look at dolphins, be quiet and breathe the air.” – Christina Applegate How many times have you thought about this? Countless! We all have dreams about buying the perfect house and truly making it a home. Becoming a homeowner is the American Dream and many people save for years, just so they can buy a home for sale in Farmington Hills, Michigan. However, when it comes to the question, should I buy or rent, many people take the latter …