Mortgage Rate Increases Affect Oakland County Homebuyers dollars

Mortgage Rate Increases Affect Oakland County Homebuyers

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Mortgage rate increases have been seen an increase around the Oakland County, Michigan area and there is talk that they may even increase more before the end of the year. Many homebuyers have noticed the increase in home prices but mortgage rate increases are a little bit harder for homebuyers to calculate in the terms of what it will cost them in the long run. Understand Mortgage Rate Increases In order for homebuyers to understand how mortgage rate increases will affect them here is a little help. In this model a less than one percent mortgage rate increase would result …

Farmington Hills Mortgage Rates: Perception and Reality

Mortgage Rates: Perception vs Reality

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Farmington Hills mortgage rates have been so low for such a long time that it would be surprising if area buyers didn’t begin to take them for granted. It’s only human nature. Addressing would-be home buyers who, though qualified, remain on the sidelines, government-sponsored Freddie Mac headlined the question, “If Housing Is So Affordable, Why Doesn’t It Feel That Way?” The article appeared in Freddie Mac’s Insight publication which noted that right now housing isn’t just affordable—it’s “near record” affordable! HUD’s Housing Affordability Index has been rising for over 35 years, interrupted only briefly by the housing crisis of the …