Setting The Asking Price For Your Home-Whats It Worth

Setting The Asking Price For Your Home-Whats It Worth

Setting The Asking Price For Your Home-Whats It Worth

As the seller, you are often going to have trouble with setting the asking price for your home. If it’s over priced, it will sit on the market for too long and if it is under priced, you might not get any money back on the renovations you just made.

This is why it is important to consult a real estate agent before proceeding with any sort of real estate decisions. They have all the resources, which you don’t have access to and they can easily find any information they need. There are many factors that you need to consider before setting the asking price for your home and you can do so easily with a real estate agent by your side. You see… the first thing buyers notice when they see the listing is the price of the house. If they find it too high, they don’t even bother to look at the pictures of the house.

Following are two things that you need to do before posting an ad online of your home for sale in Oakland County, Michigan:

Get Free Evaluation

There are hundreds of websites that will give you an accurate estimate of your house based on its details such as square footage, number of rooms, location and more. A free evaluation gives you an idea what your home for sale in Oakland County, Michigan is worth. You can get as many evaluations as you like and then compare the prices. This will give you a solid idea regarding the prices in your neighborhood .

Let’s assume that your neighbor just sold his house. The location and the square footage of the neighbor’s house put your house at equal footing. So, you decided to sell your house at the same price. Months go by and many buyers tour the house. However, none of them come back with an offer. Why?

This brings us to our second point:

Look at the Comps

Comps refer to comparable houses that you can look at to set the asking price that suits your home for sale in Oakland County, Michigan. House that have been sold last month and were identical to yours with no additions can be used as compass. The good news is, a real estate agent has a whole database of comps, which makes it easy for him to help you set the asking price. You can find information on your own too by taking with the locals and other neighbors in your area. In the end, regardless of what the real estate agent recommends, you will have the last say on the asking price. However, it is better to trust the agent because they have sold dozens of houses, which is what makes them experts at their job.

Sometimes, your house might be valued at a lower price than you expected. It’s hard to not get emotional in such a case, but it is also important to think practically in such situations. This is where a real estate agent comes in because they have an unbiased perspective. Looking for a real estate agent to help with your house sale? Visit my website Homes2MoveYou now and contact me for a free evaluation of your home to get an appropriate asking price for your home.

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Increase Your Farmington Hills Michigan Homes Value

Increase Your Farmington Hills Michigan Homes Value

When selling your home, you want to do everything in your power to do things that will increase your Farmington Hills Michigan homes value and get you the highest offer possible, makes since right? You may think doing major renovations are the way to go, but sometimes it’s the smallest less expensive things that will add the most value to your home and bring you the best offer possible.

Here are 4 small and inexpensive ways to increase your Farmington Hills Michigan homes value to get the best offer possible.

  • Clean Up the Exterior

Many homeowners in Farmington Hills Michigan focus on the interior of their home when selling, but remember the exterior will give the homes first impression when a potential buyer walks up for a showing. It’s important to make a positive first impression that will last throughout the potential buyers visit.

It is not necessary to completely re-landscape the entire outside of your Farmington Hills Michigan home, but a few minor changes can truly make a difference in what potential buyers may see. Putting a fresh coat of paint on the front door can leave the looking inviting and clean along with cleaning up the front porch and having a small table and chair (if there is room) can make your home inviting and warm.

It is important especially in the winter season to make sure your walk-way is clear of snow and ice to insure the safety of your visitors and to prevent your home from becoming tracked and wet from an un-shoveled walkway.

  • Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the most inexpensive ways to increase your Farmington Hills Michigan homes value is a simple natural fresh coat of paint to rooms that look worn or faded. Peeling and worn paint in your home can make the home look older and stressed to a potential home buyer.

When choosing colors try to avoid white, it can make the home feel cold and uninviting making it impossible for the potential home buyer to see themselves living there, instead use natural colors such as beige or even gray to give the rooms a natural and inviting feel. Avoid at all cost bright and unique colors as this can be a turn off and un-soothing to your potential buyer.

  • Update The Bathrooms

To truly increase your Farmington Hills Michigan homes value and net in the best offer possible is to have a look at the bathrooms. Simple hardware updates can make a difference between capturing a potential buyer’s interest in your home or completely losing them when bathrooms are concerned.

If the bathrooms have wallpaper consider removing it and painting it instead as these days wallpaper can look like extra work for the potential buyer and could reflect on the purchase price they offer. Updating fixtures, lights and maybe counter tops can truly increase your Farmington Hills Michigan homes value. Nothing can be worse than an out of date bathroom, but with a little inexpensive work can truly make a difference that will pay off in the long run.

  • Hire A House Cleaning Company to Increase Your Farmington Hills Michigan Homes Value                                                                                       Increase Your Farmington Hills Michigan Homes Value

This may be a challenge for many Farmington Hills Michigan home owners to wrap their heads around, but could one of the best value adds to increase your Farmington Hills Michigan homes value. A fresh set of eyes on the things that you may not see as far as a sparkling clean home can be the difference between great offers and low or none at all.

Everyday living in the home can cause us not to see the dust bunnies, stains, odors and grime that may be present that the potential buyers may see. A cleaning service can come in and clean in places we never thought of before and leave a lasting impression on buyers as they love a clean and fresh home, remember they are wanting a fresh new place to call home, not a home that is worn and dirty. Think of it this way, when you purchase a new car it is clean and freshly washed when you take delivery, same goes for a new home for a potential buyer.

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