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Home Warranties Can Ease Your Worries

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Buying or Selling a home in or around Oakland County Michigan can be a daunting task if buyers are looking for the perfect home that have few issues, but when sellers offer home warranties with the sale, things usually get moving. Buyers in the local Oakland County area love the styles and craftsmanship of the older homes that are prominent in this area ranging from 1940s to 1990’s sprinkled with new construction here and there. When buyers look at first they want a newer home that they feel would be more worry free, but newer is not always better in …


The Myth of FICO Scores – Buying a House Is “POSSIBLE”

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What is the first thing people worry about when they are considering buying a home for sale in West Bloomfield, Michigan? The FICO scores. In your eyes, what is the perfect score? 800? 850? When you are saving for the down payment, what is your goal? 15? 20? All these questions have myths attached to them that stop you from buying your dream house. You see, most people don’t have thousands of dollars lying around in their bank account. There are other needs such as energy bills, food, etc, that stop you from making a frivolous purchase. However, a house …

Your First Home-What To Look For

When you’re buying your first home, there’s so many things to consider: you need to secure a home loan, find a realtor, decide on an area… the process can be a bit overwhelming. And as someone new to the home purchasing process, it can be challenging to know exactly what to look for in a home. What kind of criteria should you be judging potential homes against? Here are 4 things you should look for when you’re buying your first home: 1. A House You Can Grow Into Purchasing is not like renting. When you rent, if your home no …

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Novi Real Estate Negotiations: Game Theory

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Game theory only sounds like it has something to do with how to win in some weekend sports outing or family board game. It’s a seriously studied logical field that mathematicians delve into. Interestingly, when you study how to develop successful negotiation tactics—Novi real estate negotiations included—you can look at them via game theory.  There is a problem, though. The further you get into the subject, the more it tends to become more and more abstract. Unless you are someone who looks forward to curling up by a roaring fire with a favorite math textbook, you won’t get very far …

Have Roommates Pay Rent

Have Roommates Pay Rent

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Rent isn’t cheap. It’s tough to afford a place on your own. So, you have roommates. Maybe it’s a friend or two. Maybe more. But it certainly beats living “alone”…in your parent’s basement. But you’re still not banking money…Roommates can help! You’re saving some money by renting with others. But not tons. It certainly makes your housing costs more affordable, but it isn’t like you have so much extra every month to just go out and spend on whatever you want. So, it’s probably hard to even imagine saving enough to eventually buy a house. You figure that day will …

Should You Buy A Home In Your 20s?

Should You Buy A Home In Your 20s?

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Should you buy a home in your 20s? Good question. There’s no single, sure-fire answer to it. Okay, there is…if you consider “it depends” to be a solid answer.  You can search the Internet and find as many reasons to buy a house in your 20s, as you can find to not buy a house in your 20s. But you have to consider the source of every article. (As I’m sure you do.) What’s the author’s motivation? All you’re really doing is confusing yourself, or convincing yourself what you already want to believe. So, the better question is… Do you …

Downsize, Right Size Or Cross Size

Downsize, Right Size Or Cross Size

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Downsize, Right Size Or Cross Size…That’s the question when it come to retirement. Many baby-boomers are getting set to do just that, Retire! It is an exciting thing, but also big decisions that come along with it when it comes to downsizing your home. Some situations mean that the home is too big or the yard is too much to maintain or yo just want to move somewhere warmer. No matter what the reason these steps should help you make the best situation that is right for you. Even if you’ve never thought about your retirement plan, the desire to …

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Home Team-When it’s time to buy a home, you’ll find it takes a team of professionals working together on your behalf. With so many people involved in such a large purchase, it pays to know who is responsible for each facet of the home- buying process. The first professionals, of course, are real estate professionals—like us—who help you begin and close the home-search process. Our local expertise and market knowledge help you make an informed decision when you are searching for the perfect home. Remember, a seller’s listing agent is committed to the seller’s interests only, working to get the highest possible …