6 Categories of Farmington Hills House Hunters

6 Categories of Farmington Hills House Hunters

6 Categories of Farmington Hills House HuntersTrying to categorize Farmington Hills house hunters motivations and levels of seriousness is something that’s hard to resist. Many a successful seller will tell you how they originally mistook the ultimate buyer for an unreliable looky-loo (or vice-versa). Still, judging from the articles written on the subject, apparently it’s worth recognizing the different sorts of house hunters and the categories that describe them. Category names vary, but here are six cited most frequently:

  1. Serious surveyor. The most common variety of house hunter, the serious surveyor has usually viewed the Farmington Hills listings online, prepared a budget, and possibly even pre-qualified with a lender. The serious surveyor is patient—if a home fitting their must-have list isn’t available within the budget, they’ll keep hunting until the pieces fall into place.
  2. Burn-up-the-tracker (aka Relo Express). These house hunters are usually motivated by factors that force a quick decision. They can be in danger of succumbing to the stress of the circumstances, which could result in a less-than-optimal buying decision. If I am their agent, it’s my job to alleviate as much of the stress as possible by making sure that they are exposed expeditiously to the Farmington Hills listings that meet their requirements.
  3. Laid-backer. Farmington Hills house hunters are in no hurry to go beyond the canvassing-Farmington Hills stage. This can be due to their current housing situation (as when a future purchase can only be finalized after their own home has been sold), or because the laid-backer isn’t totally convinced that they really want to move. This buyer is not to be confused with a true looky-loo, who is not really a buyer at all. On the contrary, many a laid-backer becomes an enthusiastic buyer once they feel educated about the Farmington Hills offerings and discover an appealing property.
  4. Hard Sell. House hunting can be a delightful opportunity to tour Farmington Hills homes that are at their best: spit-and-polished for inspection by qualified prospective buyers. For the hard sell buyer, however, it’s likely to be less fun. This house hunter has probably had some bad earlier house hunting experience or other because distrust of almost every detail rules the day. In truth, it’s a fine idea to subscribe to the “trust but verify” school of house hunting—that’s why a home inspection should always be on the agenda. But it’s too bad if there’s no measure of enjoyment to be had in the process.
  5. Market Buster. Fully aware that in any buyer-seller relationship the buyer-side ultimately makes the important decisions, this house hunter is focused on making a deal that defies market realities. That may be possible—but sometimes the result is more predictable: most properties that can be had at below-market levels are priced that way for a reason.
  6. Frozen. This is a rarely seen Farmington Hills house hunters: frozen in indecision either because of the momentous nature of the decision, a bewildering array of appealing offerings, or a shifting set of their own priorities. Frozen house hunters can become unfrozen if they miss out on a home they realize in retrospect was the one!

You needn’t try to fit into any category to succeed in your own Farmington Hills house hunting venture. One step I can guarantee will advance the process: call me!

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Invest, Buy, Sell Homes In Oakland County MI

Invest, Buy, Sell Homes In Oakland County MI

Invest, Buy, Sell Homes In Oakland County MI
Invest, Buy, Sell Homes In Oakland County MI

Depending upon who you listen to, speak with or what you read, now is a great time to buy, sell or invest in Oakland County, MI real estate. And generally speaking, that’s true but is it the right time to invest, buy, sell homes in Oakland County Mi, I would say yes!

But what’s best for you specifically—at this time and in our Oakland County, MI market? Rather than relying on general rules-of-thumb, why not talk to us? As local real estate insider in Oakland County, MI we can give you the real answers you need. Local economy? Local neighborhoods such as Farmington Hills, Novi, Nothville to name a few? Local information? No matter the direction you want to take, we can give you current, down-to-the-day reports on how long it takes to sell a home here in Oakland County, MI, the sales prices that homes like yours are fetching and where homes sell quickly. If you’re looking to sell or buy in today’s local real estate market, we can help. It is time in 2015 to invest, buy, sell in Oakland County Mi according to all market analysis and information that is available to us as Realtor’s. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Read on to see what we forecast for the local Oakland County, MI real estate market in the upcoming year. It’s good news—if you’re a homebuyer, home seller or investor—at any age and at any life stage! And, remember, we’re here to answer your real estate questions and provide you with the best, local advice for your real estate needs throughout the year. If you are ready to invest, buy, sell homes in Oakland County Mi, feel free to give me a call anytime 248-790-5594.

BUYING A Home In 2015

Is it the right time to buy homes in Oakland County, MI? You can’t tell by what we—or anyone else—tells you. Do some research into not only the local real estate market, but your own personal financial situation and your homeownership outlook. Here’s how to predict your home buying future:

Be realistic. If you realize that you may not find the “home of your dreams” as your first (or second or third) home purchase, you will likely attain your goal of finding a home in areas such as Farmington Hills, Novi and Northville.

Never say never. Don’t box yourself in thinking you can only buy a home in a particular area or of a specific style in Oakland County, MI. If you don’t find a home in your perfect neighborhood or in your ideal style, broaden your search criteria to find a stellar home you otherwise wouldn’t have known existed.

Long-term viewpoint. The best use of your housing budget might be owning a home in Oakland County, MI. With your own home, your monthly “rent” doesn’t go to your landlord, but instead helps build equity and your own wealth.

Plan smart. Before you sign any purchase offers, be sure you’re protected. Ensure you have a professional private home inspection of the home done (along with item-specific inspections such as mold, termite, radon, etc.) to keep from finding surprises you can’t afford—or simply can’t handle.

Think ahead. Make a complete list of all the necessary features in your new Oakland County,MI home—number of bedrooms and baths, yard, eat-in kitchen/dining room, etc. Determine what is a “must-have” and what is a “would be nice” before you go home shopping with your Realtor.

Get preapproved. With mortgage preapproval—not prequalification—you know exactly how much home you can purchase. Best of all, you won’t waste time looking at homes you can’t afford and your purchase offer will be more attractive to sellers knowing your financing is already in place, and your offer is most likely to close compared to another buyer whose financing is still in question or contingency.

You might not be able to predict the future, but you can tell when your family and finances are ready to own a home in Oakland County, Michigan.

SELLING A Home In 2015

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the Oakland County, Michigan area this year, you’re not alone. With home prices stabilizing and even inching up in Farmington Hills, Novi, and Northville, MI many families including millenniums are finding themselves able to sell their home and move to their next life stage, job or situation.

Forecast. No one, not even Realtors can predict where home prices are going in the next year (2015). If you price your home to sell TODAY, we can guarantee that you will sell your home. In this market, sellers can’t base their home’s sales price on what they want out of it, what they think it’s worth, how much they put into it, how much they owe on their mortgage loan, or what their next home will cost. For 2015 the key to getting top dollar is to price it right from the start in Oakland County.

Price is right. Some home sellers mistakenly believe that if they set their home price high, Oakland County homebuyers will offer an agreeable price and sellers have room to take a lower price. The problem is, if you set your home price too high, buyers looking at similar homes won’t even consider your home because they know they can get more home for the price elsewhere. Often, they will skip it completely, meaning your home is going to languish on the local Oakland County market, unsold.

Price it too low. If, however, you choose to price it under the current market value or at what nearby listings in Oakland County are asking, buyers will be attracted to a great home at a great price. In fact, you may find many more buyers than you expected looking at your well-priced home and starting a bidding war where none may have existed before.

Price it right. The key to getting your Oakland County, MI home sold in 2015 is price: If you don’t price it right, it won’t sell. Using the assistance of a real estate professional—like us—to arrive at the right price for your home is the way to go. We have the data to support our price suggestions and the proven experience, marketing and personal service to get your home sold in 2015!

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