Millennials Are Changing The Home Buying Market

 Millennials Are Changing The Home Buying Market

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Millennials Are Changing The Home Buying Market:

-They’re opting for digital searches, deluxe homes, and the suburbs-  


As Millennials enter the housing market in greater numbers, they’re approaching it in a much different way than previous generations of home buyers. They’re bringing with them a new set of values and expectations.  

With a population of 83.1 million, Millennials now outnumbers Baby Boomers and represent more than one-quarter of our nation. The Pew Research Center defines a millennial as anyone born between 1981 and 1996.

Millennials also make up the fastest-growing segment of today’s homebuyers, according to a recent National Association of Realtors® report. The movement in the market by this generation is likely due to growth in their careers, higher income, and paying off student loans and other personal debts.

Although the most common reasons for recently purchasing a home differed between generations, the desire to own a home of their own was the main reason for  Millennials choosing to buy at this time.

“There’s been an influx of millennial home buyers as older Millennials have had some time to grow in their careers and pay off student debt,” says Stuart Eisenberg, national director of real estate and construction practice for accounting firm BDO USA.

Younger Millennials, meanwhile, more often rent as they begin their careers, but according to Eisenberg, the generational shift in home buying is just getting underway.  

Technology has transformed the way real estate is done 

Digital advancements have transformed the way real estate is done. Among millennials, utilizing the internet and mobile devices to find, view, and buy homes has become the norm.

Having grown up in a digital environment, millennials don’t want to spend days touring homes in person. Instead, they expect to shop for homes the same way they shop for everything else—online.

In fact, according to a Real Estate in a Digital Age report, 99% of millennials start their home search online and 58% found their current home on a mobile device. This figure is nearly double that of Baby Boomers using the internet to browse homes.

Digital advancements have also transformed the role of real estate agents. In the past, a REALTOR’s value came from providing important information about properties.

Now, the true value of a real estate agent is through their negotiation skills, professional relationships with other agents, ability to facilitate the transaction, and keeping up with marketing strategies in a fast-paced digital world.

Another digital impact is in how agents list homes. Tech-savvy Millennials are leading agents and brokers to introduce features like live streaming and video rather than traditional photographs, which have become the norm. 

Millennials, technology, and communicating with REALTORS®

Millennials also differ from previous generations in terms of how they use technology to communicate with REALTORS®. Texting represents the most immediate back-and-forth line of communication.

This generation uses text messages to express interest in a property, schedule appointments, and ask questions, while phone calls are typically reserved only for more urgent or pressing concerns.

NAR research suggests that agents are adapting to this demand for electronic communication, with 90% of agents communicating via text and 94% using email. Another 34% chat with clients through instant messaging. 

Millennials are choosing the suburbs and deluxe homes 

Although it’s taking them longer than previous generations, millennials are now buying homes and moving out of the city in larger numbers.

A recent Zillow study shows that almost half of Millenials (47%) prefer to live in the suburbs as opposed to the big city or rural areas. This generation of buyers want homes, but they don’t want just any old homes.

They are finding better options farther out from the city and are increasingly skipping starter homes in favor of something more deluxe. Roughly 45% of homebuyers aged 30 to 39 paid $300,000 or more for a home, according to the latest figures from NAR.  

In conclusion 

Millennials are now buying homes in droves and their habits are proving to shape the housing market in new and exciting ways. This generation’s preference for technology has changed both the way people shop for homes and the job of real estate agents – and could lead to a more streamlined home buying process. 

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