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Why Choose Oakland County Michigan Homes For Sale

Found northwest of the major city Detroit,Oakland County is the perfect location for those wanting to have a breath of fresh air without having to let go of all the convenience that city living brings. Not that the area is not progressive, as the county has such a diverse mix of thriving industries that keep its residents well above the rest of the country’s median income. It’s the fact that you have nature, adventure, a powerful sense of community, and a solid means of living all in one place that makesOakland homes for sale County Michigan the best investment you can ever make for your family. You can findhomes for sale in Oakland County Michigan

A Diverse but Thriving Economy in Oakland County Michigan

The family median income in Oakland County is at $84,186, which is well beyond the rest of the country’s $64,585. This says a lot considering the fact that it is known as the country’s automotive hub, but is not as badly affected by recent economic issues that concern major auto companies such as Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. This is because of the economic diversity that the region presents, giving its residents a lot of other options as far as jobs are concerned. In fact, 2014 alone attracted around $171 million worth of foreign direct investments, showing that the county has quite a future waiting ahead. But the economy alone is not the sole reason for interested potential residents to start looking at Oakland County Michigan homes for sales. Because when it comes to this region, it has so much more to offer than just jobs and potential income.

A Healthy Community

With an estimated population of around 1,237,868 in 2014, what makes all these people enjoy the region like no place else? Seeing the healthy mix of history, culture, and natural resources within the area explains whyOakland homes for sale County Michigan never stay in the market for too long. The region is just brimming with opportunities to grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, that it has become hard to pass up the chance to become part of this amazing community. Imagine being surrounded by 7,000 acres of outdoor recreation and natural landscapes. With 13 county parks that offer swimming, camping, hiking, boating, and a lot more, it’s the perfect place to raise an active family and awaken the adventurer within you. It even has options for you to explore in different seasons, with ice skating, cross-county skiing, and ice fishing among the available options for fun. Oakland County residents have access to two nature centers, two water parks, five golf courses, and three dog parks, making it the best place to build a solid foundation for your family. If you imagine the area being the perfect fit for the lifestyle you have always dreamed of, contact a local real estate agent and start considering options out of the available Oakland County Michigan homes for sale. Once you take this first step, you immediately open up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for you to start experiencing the high quality of living that only Oakland County can give you.

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