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Novi House Value Boosters that Make Most Sense

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8 Top Ideas for Boosting Novi House Value (S) From time to time it can be fun to scour the latest “Top Ten” lists of cost-conscious ways to increase the value of Novi house value.    Some make more sense than others. Upgrading bathroom vanity cabinets appears on some of the house value lists, for instance—but those lists were probably thrown together in a hurry since the return on investment is admitted to be 66%. When an investment returns two-thirds of its cost, it’s hardly competitive. For Novi homeowners preparing to sell, vanity cabinets don’t belong on the action list. …


Small Ways To Make Your Home Fit Your Family’s Needs Better

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Small Ways To Make Your Home Fit Your Family’s Needs Better Getting ready for the Holiday Season is joyful, but also , in my case realizing that I had too much stuff that could be eliminated or given to a charity. While digging out my Christmas decorations I felt so overwhelmed by the stuff that I have been collecting that I really felt claustrophobic in a strange way, so I wanted to share some advice to my Oakland County home owners and maybe future home buyers. If it seems like the walls are closing in around you, it might actually …