User Friendly Designs in Your Home

User Friendly Homes

User Friendly Designs in Your Home are both attractive to future Home Buyers and can even add additional value. Whether elderly or handicapped you don’t have to e either to enjoy and appreciate the designs User Friendly Homesmanufacturers are coming up with to make life easier. As a Realtor in the Greater Oakland County Mi area I have seen many things that are new in homes and some of them amaze me and I always think “What a Great Idea” and as always I see more and more of these user friendly designs that make life easier for home owners.Most homeowners have a list of things they would like to do to change and improve their homes.

But moving those plans off the list and into reality is often prevented by costs, especially for labor, but some of these can be in-expensive and can make life a whole lot easier. Lets face it, we aren’t getting any younger nor has life become less stressful with more and more to do, so when we are home making it user friendly can be one of the most beneficial, in-expensive and a value add for many years to come. Below are some of the things I have seen that make for a user friendly home to enjoy for years to come. I hope this help and gives ideas for Home Buyers, Home Sellers and Home Owners to consider when they want to make their homes more user friendly. 

Some of these things can be found in pharmacies and home department stores. For other ideas, browse through specialty catalogs.

  • refrigerators with adjustable-height slide-out shelves to eliminate bending and reaching
  • lettering on controls and instructions large enough to read without squinting or hunting down a pair of glasses
  • non-skid cutting boards
  • contoured knife handles requiring less pressure to cut food
  • playing-card shufflers
  • tabletop book and newspaper holders
  • lamps that turns on and off by touching their base or clapping
  • lever adapters on faucets and doors to make opening and closing easier
  • bent-handled hairbrushes and long-handled bath brushes
  • easy-grip, spring-band scissors that open by themselves after you snip
  • Velcro fasteners on shoes
  • needle threaders
  • large-numbered, lighted key-pads for telephones
  • swivel seats to ease getting in and out of a chair
  • motorized chairs that lift you to your feet.