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Northville House Design Idea Summed Up

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There’s news in the world of house design—for a change! Those who keep in touch with the house design innovations that Northville buyers are currently favoring know one thing is for certain: they don’t change overnight. True innovations are rare. Fads occasionally come and go (remember “industrial décor” and barn door sliders?)—but by definition, fads don’t wind up making much of a dent in how most Northville homes are built or remodeled. That’s a good thing: overexuberant style-chasing can be expensive to correct once a clever style has come and gone. I bring this up because it looks as if …

Northville Homes-Hot Market Tips

Northville Homes-Hot Market Tips

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Northville, MI Homes are selling as fast as they come on the market these days, so you Northville home buyers may want to choose one or more of the following ways to beat the competition to the front door: Bid realistically (near listing price) instead of hoping your Northville seller will cave in to a low offer. Make your offer without strings (sale of previous home, home inspection, etc.) but only if you’re certain your old Northville home will sell quickly or the property is in move-in condition.                         …