Staging Counts-The Four Reasons Why

Staging in Northville

According to Benzinga, the current housing market in the US is headed towards a nightmare for buyers. You know what that means?  Buyers will be looking left and right to find the perfect house to buy before the market crashes. This can only lead to one thing: fierce competition and if you are planning to put up your home for sale in Northville, Michigan that you need to act now and strategically. Staging your house is so important these days, now more than ever buyers want to see the home laid out nicely in a way they can picture living there.

The one thing you need to focus on is staging a house. It’s simple: staging sells! A well kept house, which is maintained from inside and outside, brings in the big bucks. Don’t forget about the curb appeal because that factors in on the ROI too.

Still thinking why staging your house for sale is important?

Here are four reasons that will convince you that staging sells:

1. More Money

Multiple offers = more money. This is one of the biggest benefits of staging. Buyers like to envision themselves living in the house and they won’t be able to do that if the house is cluttered and has your personal belongings on display. So, pack them all in boxes and move them in the basement. Next, remove most of the big furniture, so that your bedroom looks like a hotel room and the living room like the lobby.

2. A Faster Sale

A home that is staged spends 73% less time on the market. Moreover, if it is staged before going on the listing, then it gets sold 79% faster than the houses that are staged after they go on the listing. The average time a staged home spends on the market is 4 months. If you have chosen the right real estate agent and put on the right asking price on your home for sale in Northville, Michigan, then it might get sold in just 42 days.

3. More ROI When Staging Your House

While repairs and renovations do not guarantee a return on your investments, you can rest easy because staging will bring more than 100% ROI. The subtle details and the impressive touches you will add to the house in staging usually cost 1 to 3% of the home’s asking price. On this, you will get at least 8 to 10% ROI.

4. An Attractive Online Portfolio

Real estate agents use a number of online platforms to market your house. For this to work, the house must look presentable in the photographs. Think of it as taking pictures for a catalogue. The brighter the pictures are, the better the portfolio will be. The second thing buyers notice after the asking price is the pictures. So, make sure they are taken by a professional or if you are taking them yourself then check out some photography tips online.

Now do you believe why staging is so important? Your next step is to find the perfect real estate agent, who knows how to market your home for sale in Northville, Michigan to the best. Visit Homes2MoveYou now and get yourself a real estate agent for the right listing.