Sellers-Should You Be Concerned Of Rates Going Up?

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You might have heard that mortgage interest rates are going up.

Most of the time, the question is asked by people who are thinking of buying a home. It makes total sense that they would be concerned about whether the rates are going up or not.

But what most people don’t consider is the effect it can have on someone considering selling their home.

Before we go further…

Whether or not interest rates are going to rise is kind of a constant topic in real estate. They go up, and they go down constantly. But not by all that much usually. But the buzz lately is whether they are about to go up considerably.

The fact is, rates have been historically low for so long now. And at some point, yes, they probably will go up a good amount. With that said, people have been expecting it to happen for years.

So, the only real answer to whether rates are going up is… maybe… maybe not. Only time will definitely tell.

But the concern is valid. Yes, for buyers. But also for sellers


  • It could lower the amount buyers are willing to pay for houses.
  • It could lower the amount buyers are able to pay for a house.
  • It could slow the market down…buyers could decide to stop buying as readily.
  • It could knock buyers completely out of the market.
  • It could affect you as a buyer once you sell your home and purchase your move-up, or downsize home.

This is not to say that you should base your decision to sell your home solely on the possibility of interest rates going up. There is certainly more to consider.

But if you’ve been considering selling, and you have been concerned with the chatter about interest rates, let’s just talk.

These are general thoughts…

Everyone’s situation is different. Maybe interest rates going up would affect you…but maybe not.

Feel free to give me a call, or simply reply to this e-mail.



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