Repairs That Can Tank the Sale Value of Your House

Before putting up your home for sale in Farmington Hills, Michigan on the market, why not make a list of repairs and renovations that can boost its sale value?

There are certain projects such as painting the interior walls, insulating the roof, adding a patio and more that can help add charm to the house. However, often homeowners make unnecessary changes in the house and are not able to recoup the price from the sale.

These mistakes are not only costly but are also equally damaging for the sale timeline. How?

The renovations you made were costly and now that you have increased the asking price, buyers will be comparing your house’s price and features with the comps. If the comps are priced lower, buyers will gravitate towards those houses.

Following are a few repairs you should avoid or they will tank the value of your home for sale in Farmington Hills, Michigan:

Changing the Bathtub

The bathtub you installed in your house was for your own comfort. It’s understandable that you would like to take it with you to the new house but removing it is a big mistake. Since you renovated the bathroom with a specific theme in mind, replacing the bathtub with a generic one will destroy the overall look of the room. The two room buyers look closely at are the kitchen and bathroom. If these are not up to the latest trends, the buyer will lose interest.

Planting a Tree Close to the House

Most homeowners don’t realize that planting a tree near the house can cause huge plumbing problems. The tree roots often penetrate the pipes and clog them, which causes overflowing toilets, backup in the sink and tubs and moisture in the walls. This backup allows bacteria to build up in places, which causes a musty and horrible smell in the house.

Painting over Wallpaper

A shortcut that many homeowners take when selling their house is the use of water-based paint over wallpaper covered walls. The glue in this paint reacts with the wallpaper, which creates bubbles underneath the surface. This causes the wallpaper to peel and scratch the previous paint job underneath.

Painting Exterior Brick

If your house’s exterior is made of brick, then painting it is a very bad idea. This is because when the paint touches the mortar, it traps moisture. Since brick is porous, this weakens the foundation of the house. Depending on the weather conditions of the area you live in, the paint will steadily destroy the foundation of the house and there’s a possibility that the walls might start to crumble.

Not Checking in With the Homeowners Association before Making Renovations

According to the Homeowners Association, some renovations cannot be done because either they are a breach of the neighboring house or a health hazard. If you proceed with a renovation without HOA’s approval, then you have to pay a fine for it.

Avoid these mistakes and you won’t have to deal with any red tape or delays when selling your house. Looking for a real estate agent to help you put up your home for sale in Farmington Hills, Michigan? Visit Homes2MoveYou now and get yourself a real estate agent for the right listing.