Putting a New Oakland County Home Inspection Checklist Together

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Putting a New Oakland County Home Inspection Checklist Together

Finding a good house and then a good deal on it  in Oakland County can be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. You need to search for a good neighborhood, a good house, a good deal, a good deal on financing it – there are anyPutting a New Oakland County Home Inspection Checklist Together number of tough decisions that you need to make it a short period of time. Most home buyers think that once the whole deal is signed and done with, there’s pretty much nothing left do other than to wait until closing day when they can celebrate and make plans to move into the new place. They’re just forgetting one little thing though – the final walk-through where they go through everything with new home inspection checklist in hand. Most contracts give you 72 hours to do your final walk-through, but I suggest doing it on the way to the closing table as alot can happen within 72 or 24 hours.

No, the new home inspection checklist isn’t about walking through your nice new home and planning on what color the curtains will be. It’s your chance to make sure that everything is as specified in the contract – that there’s no bait and switch anywhere.

Be serious about your new home inspection checklist and leave nothing to chance, and you can be sure that you get a house where everything works as promised. Just shrug your shoulders and tell yourself that everything’s probably as it should be, and you’ll find how well Murphy’s Law applies to you.

Start with the easiest things to check in the home– the appliances, and the home security system and so on. You know how these are supposed to work – the washing machine, the refrigerator and dishwasher, all the buttons on the keypad and all the remote controls.

Once you’ve satisfied yourself with these, try if you will, turn your attention to the plumbing. Turn on every water outlet everywhere, try to keep an eye open for any drips, any drops in water pressure and so on. Try to see if there are any wet spots in the walls where the plumbing runs – to see if there’s a possible leak. Turn the heating or air-conditioning on to see how well it drops the temperature of the room.

There is plumbing outside that you need to check as well. And that should go on your new home inspection checklist as well. Make sure that the garden irrigation system works properly.

The first time you saw your home, you probably asked the the first owner to make a few upgrades or repairs before you closed. Is there is any kind of repair that you requested that seems to have been done not entirely to your satisfaction? You must not be shy about asking and insisting that everything be done to your satisfaction.

It may feel like you are a stickler to have to ask about cleanliness, but it really is your right to ask the old owner to leave the house in good shape. And that includes the insides of all the appliances, the bathrooms and everything.

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