Oakland County MI Homes December 2014 Newsletter

Oakland County MI Homes December 2014 Newsletter

Please Enjoy my Oakland County MI Homes December 2014 Newsletter. This Newsletter is for your enjoyment whether your a past Oakland County Home Buyers or Home Seller and maybe a future one,which I would love to earn your trust in all of your Oakland County MI Real Estate Needs. Please feel free to pass it along to your friends and family. I hope you have a great Holiday Season filled with joy and laughter. If you know anyone looking to Buy or Sell a Home in Oakland County Michigan you can be assured I will take excellent care of them and I’m never too busy for your referrals. Thanks again


December 2014
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December Newsletter

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On a Personal Note

It’s That time of year again in Oakland County MI when people and families settle in for the Holidays and festive occasions that make the cold weather more tolerant. I hope that you enjoy this Newsletter and that it finds you and your family well. It has been a busy season for myself in The Oakland County real estate market and I’m very thankful to my present and past home buyers and sellers for their respect and trust.

Please enjoy this Newsletter and pass it along to friends and family. Please remember to have a safe and Happy Holiday and enjoy friends and family. Please remember that I’m never too busy for referrals from your family and friends in Oakland County Michigan.

Tom Gilliam
RE/MAX Classic
[email protected]

Win a $10 Starbuck’s Card…

It’s easy to win! Find the quiz question of the month inside this newsletter, then email me your answer. Each month, all correct entries have a chance of winning a FREE $10 Starbuck’s card.

  • Last month’s quiz: What is the only naturally growing edible substance that contains Vitamin D?
  • Answer: Mushrooms. Mushrooms are not plants, so technically, a mushroom is not a vegetable.
Congratulations to Last Month’s Winner: Stacey Balckburn
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Santa's Business ModelSanta’s Business Model


Motivational speaker Jim Carroll says those looking for insights from a true master of leadership, creativity, and innovation should look no further than Santa Claus. Here’s what we can learn from Old Saint Nick:
  1.  He’s aware. He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. For goodness sake!
  2. He’s organized. He’s got a list. He checks it twice.
  3. He has an unblemished reputation for “delivering on the promise” and delighting the customer. With a firm deadline to hit (December 24th) there is no margin for error.
  4. He knows exactly what the customer wants. He received and read your letter. He excels at keeping up with constantly changing customer demands.
  5. He’s not afraid of hiring those who are different: Rudolph. Red Nosed. Reindeer. Enough said.
  6. He inspires his staff with a singular mission. They fulfill their duty with passion. They wear cool hats to remind them they’re on a team. They sing while they work.
  7. He has integrity as a core virtue. His leadership core is based on knowing who’s naughty and who’s nice.

Thank YouThank You Friends and Clients  

Welcome to new clients and Thank You to friends who’ve trusted me with their referrals.I appreciate my wonderful friends and clients who thoughtfully introduce their friends, family and coworkers to me.

Tom Phillips   —   Candice Mammo   — Richard Derby  

Infographic of the Month

Looking at Homes
Looking at Homes

Your Home Might Not

Be Worth What You Think…

If you’ve been considering selling or refinancing your home, you may already have a price in mind. But beware. Your price might not be based on sound data. Here are a few cautions to consider before you get too excited about your home’s value.

  1. When you get a high valuation from agents, ask them to justify the price. The last thing you want is to list too high, because your property will languish and lose appeal, causing it to sell for less than market value.
  2. Comparables will tell you what other houses are selling for. Don’t argue with the comparables, but work with a real estate agent who understands the market trends in your area. If they know prices are rising, they might press higher. But if they know prices are stable, they’ll suggest pricing your house competitively.
  3. Price your home based on solds, not actives. Homes that are on the market now are not an indication of what they will sell for. Sellers often want to price their homes higher than a neighbor’s house, even though that house has been sitting unsold for months.

Pricing right, or even lower than market value (thereby creating interest and possibly a bidding war), is the easiest way to get your home sold. Your fear of leaving a few thousand dollars on the table upfront should pale in comparison to what could happen if you can’t sell at your “preferred” price.

So, What Is Your House Really Worth?Arrow Up

If you are thinking about selling or refinancing in the near future, you’ll need an accurate evaluation of your home’s value.  Send your address and a description of the condition and features of your home to [email protected] .

I will run the data and send you a 100% FREE house valuation.

AirBNBHow to Profit from

Your Spare Room

Perhaps the kids have moved out, but you’re not ready to sell yet. Or your condo is in a tourist area, and you don’t mind staying at mom’s every now and then. Perhaps you own a nice trailer parked in a quiet yard?

All of these are possible scenarios when you might have an extra room, or even your whole house available for a night or two. Someone else could be renting that space from you for $50-$300/night.

Airbnb.com is a site that has transformed our notion of travel. With Airbnb, you can list your home, or even just a room, for travelers from all over the world. They stay, you get paid. It’s a growing alternative to hotels and works particularly well for those places that are located in a desirable travel spot or one that attracts large sporting or entertainment events or conventions.

But the exciting news for those with a property “to spare” is the potential income generated. Some people are paying their mortgage by renting out their space a few nights each month. Others are making so much, money, they’ve added apartments onto their house.

If you’re thinking of taking the Airbnb plunge, be aware that the growth of the marketplace has also caused some backlash, not surprisingly, among hoteliers. Because of that, there may be rules in your city that affect what you can and can’t do with and Aribnb, including paying extra taxes. Visit Airbnb.com to learn more.

December Quiz Question

What gas makes up the majority of the air we breathe?

Free Report

When Should You Stop Renting and Buy Your

1st Home?

This choice often comes down to a financial decision: Can you afford what you want?

But that’s not the whole story. There are more things to think about than just Can you afford it? If you—or someone you know—is trying to make this decision, email me for a copy of this eye-opening report.

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