Stopping Making These 5 Silly Mistakes When Selling Your House

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Most homeowners, who plan to sell their house, often get stuck on two things: renovations and repairs. While these two points do matter, there are a few legal considerations that are swept under the rug. These small mistakes tank your deal and that is how bad word spreads about your house.

The key to avoid these mistakes is to think objectively instead of subjectively. Once your feelings are involved, you won’t be able to market or sell the house properly. Most people stick with major repairs and leave the small ones. Of course, this will make a huge difference in the way the buyer will see the house but those small repairs will cost you in the future. So, better make a repair list and then tackle every corner of the house according to priority.

Following are 5 mistakes that you need to avoid when putting up homes for sale in Northville, Michigan:

1. Setting a High Asking Price

When it comes to real estate, every person does their homework before browsing the market for homes for sale in Northville, Michigan. The higher the price you set, the longer the house will sit on the market. At this stage of the process, most real estate agents recommend setting the price slightly higher than the market value. This way, during negotiations, you will have the margin to lower the price.

2. Overspending on Renovations

The two rooms that are used the most in a house are the kitchen and the bathroom. Renovating these rooms makes sense but overspending on other areas of the house, is a waste of money. Stick to the renovations that matter the most such as windows in the attic, insulating the roof and installing skylights in the kitchen for energy efficiency.

3. Not Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Yes, not hiring a real estate agent is a big mistake! Most buyers refrain from making a deal with sellers who are not working through an agent. The real estate agent will take care of all the legal complications in the process, as well as preparation of the documents. Better give a small commission to the agent for his help rather than losing hundreds of dollars by trying to sell the house on your own.

4. Lying On the Documents Such as the Seller Disclosure

This document allows the buyer to check all the aspects of the homes for sale in Northville, Michigan. If you lie on this document, the buyer has the legal right to seek restitution. This can spread a negative image about you and the house. It’s possible that your house might then sit on the market longer than you expected.

5. Discarding Expert Advice

Any advice from your agent will help you make better decisions. So, don’t discard what they say!

Make a list of all the repairs now and then factor them into the sale price to find out how much profit you will make. If you are having trouble finding an expert agent, visit Homes2MoveYou and get yourself a real estate agent for the right listing.