House Staging Secrets – How to Woo the Buyers

Home for sale in Oakland County, Michigan

Did you know that if you get your house staged by a professional before putting it up on the market, the chances of it being sold in just a few weeks’ increases by 73%?

Why is that every blog you read on real estate says that staging a home for sale in Oakland County, Michigan is very important?

Well, buyers like to visualize their furniture and other belongings in the empty space and they can’t do that if every surface of the house is covered with boxes.

So, what is staging?

This step in the home-selling process is all about decorating and furnishing the house sparsely, so that the buyer is not distracted from the architectural beauty of the house. It’s time you ripped out that smelly carpet, took down those faded curtains and packed your family frames and high school trophies in a box.

Following are a few staging tricks that you should try to woo the buyers:

1. Declutter the Rooms

Removing clutter from the room is not about completely clearing it out but packing those items that give the room a stuffed look. Remove big furniture items such as book shelves, study table and cupboards from the bedroom to make it appear more spacious. Remove all items from the bathroom’s counter except for a few hand towels and a soap dish. Completely clear the living room except for two chairs and a coffee table. Finally, remove all appliances from the kitchen and make sure that the countertop is clear.

2. Set the Table for Negotiations

The dining room’s table is the center stage where all meetings are conducted, especially the negotiations. The only item that should be placed on the table is a bowl filled with fruits. If you want to go the extra mile, then decorate the table with place mats and candles, as if you are inviting someone over for dinner.

3. Remove Personal Items from the House

Family pictures on the mantle and personal knick knacks on the shelves; these are just some of the things that distract the buyers. They might become more interested in knowing about those personal items than looking at the features of your home for sale in Oakland County, Michigan.

4. Create a Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere in the Backyard

If you have a patio, then it’s time to spruce it up a little. Set two high-backed chairs with ottomans and a small round table on the patio, hang a hammock and place a wine glass with a book on the table. In case you have a simple backyard, decorate the place with garden furniture and a swing.

5. Brighten Up the Rooms

A great way to bring out all the features of the house is to make sure that the area is well lighted. Replace the light switches with new and modern ones because buyers like to test them out. The brighter the rooms, the more spacious they will look.

With these five staging tricks, you might be able to turn the negotiations in your favor. Before putting your home for sale in Oakland County, Michigan on the market, why not get it appraised by experts. Visit Homes2MoveYou now and get yourself a real estate agent for the right listing.