Great Home Buying Experience-How to Have One

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One of the biggest hurdles in the home buying experience is the approval of mortgage. However, many buyers set their heart on a house that does not fall under their budget. Today, while the inventory is quite stable, multiple offers are on the rise. You have to compete with other buyers to come out at the top.

From loan programs to repairs, home inspection and other costs, you need to plan for everything in advance so that no surprises face you in the future. It’s important for you to take notice of everything the seller says in the first meeting because this will help you during the negotiation or when you are preparing a counteroffer.

Following are some of the things you need to work on before and while meeting the sellers:

Dig Deep

When searching for a home for sale in Oakland County, Michigan, create a list of all the features you are looking for in the house. This will help you remain under the budget. A key to making this experience easy on yourself is to set a low budget. Give yourself some room to raise the budget in case you find a house that you fall in love with. This way, you will be able to negotiate with the seller on the price and give him the impression that you are going out of your range.

Maintain a Poker Face during Negotiations

Buyers beware… think before you say anything in front of the seller. It’s possible that during the negotiations, your own words might bite you back. Moreover, when touring the house, assume that the seller has eyes and ears everywhere. Any offensive comment you pass might affect the buyer negatively. Just because of a simple conversation that you and your wife had amongst you, the buyer might decide to cancel the deal with you.

Home Buying Experience Qualifying Questions

You won’t seem nosy at all if you start asking the seller questions one after the other. You are going to make such a big purchase, so it’s your right to know everything about the property and the seller.

Following are some examples of questions you should ask for a great home buying experience:

When will the seller move?

What kinds of repairs are needed?

Has the seller received any other offers?

How long has this Oakland County, Michigan, been up on the market?

How much are utilities, taxes and interest rates?

Are there any restrictions from the HOA? (Home Owners Association)

Does the seller want you to pay the closing cost?

Are pets allowed?

Can the buyer recommend any lenders who will expedite the mortgage loan process?

Explore the Neighborhoods

Do you have kids? Are you planning to have them in a year or two? If you are, then you need to explore the neighborhoods before buying a home for sale Oakland County, Michigan. Talk to the people living in the neighboring houses, check out the parks, and visit the community center. Have a feel of the place and then decide whether you are ready to move here or not.

Remember, You Are Just a Guest

Don’t go using the bathroom while you are touring the house. Turning the taps on and off in the bathroom or pressing the flush handle is fine, but don’t make yourself at home. Be respectful and do not go into the rooms that the seller has cornered off.

Take Pictures with Permission

You want to share the home buying experience you had during a house tour, which is completely fine, but don’t start clicking pictures without the seller’s permission. It’s common courtesy!

Before you forget what features you saw in which house, create a list of pros and cons. This will help you make the right decision when you finally sit down to choose the house you liked the most. If you want to buy a home for sale in Oakland County, Michigan, that falls under your budget and has all the features you need, then visit Homes2MoveYou.

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