Farmington Hills Housing Market Report

Knowing whats happening in the Farmington Hills Housing Market can be the difference in your bottom line when buying or selling a home. These daily and weekly reports are full of the Farmington Hills Housing market statistics that matter and can make a difference whether your buying selling, or just interested in your your local Farmington Hills Housing  market is shaping up. As your home is the most important investment you can make in a lifetime it is important to know if it time to sell or buy a new home in Farmington Hills.

Also in this Farmington Hills Housing Market reports you can search any zip code or city to view the market activity in another area of your chooseing.

I work hard to keep my clients informed about the Farmington Hills housing market while they’re buying or selling their home. These weekly reports use real-time data so my clients can make decisions based on what’s happening in the market right now and how the market is changing week by week.

A few questions these reports can help you answer:

Is now a good time to buy or sell? Check the “Market Action Index” to see if the market is heating up or cooling down.
How’s the market in my price range? Click into the “Market Segments” charts to see the how the market is behaving in different price ranges.
What can I get in my price range, and where should I look? Use the “Median List Price” charts to see what you can buy in your price range, and search by zip code to compare different neighborhoods.

Feel free to share this report with your friends and family, and please let me know if you have any questions about the market or if I can help you in any way





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