2023 Home Design Trends in Oakland County: What’s In and What’s Out

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As we step into 2024, it’s time to update our homes with the latest styles and say goodbye to outdated trends. In this blog, we’ll focus on the “2023 Home Design Trends in Oakland County” and explore what’s falling out of favor and what’s coming in as the new standard for home aesthetics in the area.

Out with the Old: 2023’s Passé Trends

1. All-White Kitchens The all-white kitchen, a staple in past years, is making way for more vibrant and dynamic designs in 2023. This shift is part of the broader “2023 Home Design Trends in Oakland County,” emphasizing warmth and personality over stark minimalism.

2. Industrial Overload The industrial look, once a frontrunner in home design, is now being softened. This change reflects the evolving “2023 Home Design Trends in Oakland County,” where a balance between industrial elements and cozy, homely decor is preferred.

Welcoming 2024 New Trends in Your Oakland County Home

1. Biophilic Design As a significant part of “2023 Home Design Trends in Oakland County,” biophilic design, which integrates natural elements into home decor, is gaining popularity. This trend is particularly relevant in Oakland County’s verdant settings. Great Ideas at https://www.zonersgreenhouse.com/

2. Multi-Functional Spaces Another highlight of the “2023 Home Design Trends in Oakland County” is the multi-functional space. With many continuing to work from home, adaptable living areas are becoming a staple in Oakland County home.

Making the Change in Your Oakland County Home

Embracing these “2023 Home Design Trends in Oakland County” can significantly enhance your home’s appeal and functionality. Whether you’re in Wixom or Northville, incorporating these trends can bring a fresh and modern feel to your space.


Staying updated with the latest home design trends is crucial, whether you’re selling, buying, or just enjoying your home in Oakland County. Say goodbye to these outdated trends and welcome the new, ensuring your home remains stylish and appealing in the new year. For more insights into Oakland County’s real estate and home design trends, visit my blog at https://homes2moveyou.com/farmington-hills-realtor-tom-gilliam-blog/