4 Tips To Ignore With  A Home for sale in Northville , Michigan

4 Tips To Ignore With A Home for sale in Northville , Michigan

Planning to finally sell your house? Looking for a home for sale in Northville, Michigan? The first order of business is to hire a real estate agent. Many homeowners have a dozen questions when they put up their house on the market, such as:

How will I justify my high asking price?

How long will it take to sell the house?

Do I accept a low ball offer, if it comes more than twice?

What contingencies should I let go?

The most important thing about a house sale is that its profitability depends on the area it is located in and the nearby competition. So, before putting your home for sale in Northville, Michigan, consult your real estate agent to know the layout of the land.

Following are four tips you need to ignore when selling your house:

1. Sell Your House in the spring for a Quick and Profitable Sale

Spring is indeed a time when many people are hunting for houses. However, this also means that you will have a lot of competition. So, when is the right to put your house up for sale? January. This is when people are back from holidays and vacations, and start hunting for a new house.

2. Open House is the Best Way to Attract Buyers

While open houses do get you buyers but you never know which ones are there to truly buy the house. They might join to enjoy free coffee or just to kill some time. Serious buyers are interested in personal viewings and meetings because they want to check every area of the house closely. So, set your hopes on an open house.

3. Do Not Change Your Asking Price for your Home for sale in Northville, Michigan

Say you set the asking price of the house for $1 million. However, after evaluating the comps, your real estate agent told you that the house is worth $600,000 on the market. This is when you need to think about resetting your asking price.

The buyers will come prepared with paperwork provided by their real estate agent, so that they can negotiate. Even if your house has extra features, you should increase the price within reason; let’s say around $3,000 to $5,000. The longer your home for sale in Northville, Michigan sits on the market, the lower its value will fall.

4. Big Renovations Will Justify My High Asking Price

Standard renovations include those done in the kitchen or the bathroom. That Jacuzzi in your backyard does not justify the raise in the sale price. Some people don’t want such flashy additions. At the end, you will either have to remove it from the property or give it as a gift to the buyer.

Now that you know what tips to avoid, you will be able to come up with the right asking price with help from your real estate agent. Looking for a real estate agent to help you put up your home for sale in Northville, Michigan? Visit Homes2MoveYou now and get yourself a real estate agent for the right listing.


Timing Your Farmington Hills Home Sale

Timing Your Farmington Hills Home Sale

Hardly anyone decides to put their own Farmington Hills house up for sale without wondering whether there wouldn’t be a better time to do so. There are a couple of different ways to look at the timing your Timing Your Farmington Hills Home Sale clockFarmington Hills home sale—but only one of them is controversial. Timing your Farmington Hills home sale is very important in this tight market when inventory is low and prices are soaring, the process should begin as soon as your ready.

Timing Your Farmington Hills Home Sale Can Be Controversial

Controversial: timing by the calendar. A good number of real estate commentators think that the optimal timing your Farmington Hills home sale is during the spring/summer season. In the residential real estate lexicon that’s the “peak selling season.” Statistics validate their point. Since the majority of transactions are in fact initiated during the good weather months when the sun shines the longest, it might seem to make the most sense.

The controversy arises when it’s pointed out that this notion is so commonly held that timing your home sale to list it during the peak puts you in competition with many more sellers. Peak season proponents don’t think that’s a problem since there are also more buyers in the market. Naysayers counter that house-hunters in poorer weather are demonstrating that they are more committed—by definition, they are better prospects. And so on—and on. The argument isn’t likely to be settled any time soon.

Non-Controversial: timing by your personal calendar. This argues for disregarding the wall calendar in favor of letting your personal situation dictate the timing your Farmington Hills home sale. Financial commentators make the argument that when your home no longer fits your lifestyle, that’s all the timing you need to pay attention to…if your financial ducks are in a row. The seasonal timing debate can be argued either way, but almost everyone agrees that the underlying economics should dictate the final word on timing.

Once your debt situation is in control, and you’re confident that you can afford the move to your next house, the only timing issue remaining is allowing enough of it to bring your current Farmington Hills home up to prime showing condition. Whenever your personal situation aligns to suggests it’s time to start thinking about selling, one timing element I can heartily suggest is to give me a call. We’ll have a no-obligation discussion about if and when to get the ball rolling