Energy Savings

10 Tips to Help You Save Home Energy

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10 Tips to Help You Save Home Energy – Oakland County Mi Before you spend money on the latest energy-efficient gizmo that’s supposed to save you money, let’s look at some energy saving ideas that will really help you save home energy. The strategies that we will look at will maximize the effort you put in, and help reduce your home energy consumption. First sit down and think about all the different ways your family uses energy around the house. Now put an approximate type and cost of energy used. You may have trouble breaking down the cost but try …

User Friendly Homes

User Friendly Designs in Your Home

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User Friendly Designs in Your Home are both attractive to future Home Buyers and can even add additional value. Whether elderly or handicapped you don’t have to e either to enjoy and appreciate the designs manufacturers are coming up with to make life easier. As a Realtor in the Greater Oakland County Mi area I have seen many things that are new in homes and some of them amaze me and I always think “What a Great Idea” and as always I see more and more of these user friendly designs that make life easier for home owners.Most homeowners have a list …

Buyers Beware Easements Impact

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Buyers Beware Easements Impact, Recently I sold a HUD Home to a client in the Greater Oakland County area, a nice home not one you would picture in your mind as a HUD Home. The home was a beautiful tri-level in a fantastic area and seemed to be priced very well and a great value. The home is on a beautiful wooded lot with many trees and a wonderful waterfall pond in the yard, there was also this large shed with a canopy style roof to sit under during sunny days or warm summer nights. Inspection time, the City came …

Pay Cash Verses Mortgage

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Pay Cash Verses Mortgage is a hard decision and could use some good thought and understanding These are questions as a Professional Realtor I face everyday in the Greater Oakland County Mi from some Home Buyers. Pay Cash verses Mortgage can be a tough decision for Home Buyers, and I’m not a financial adviser by far and cannot give that sort of advice to my Home Buyers, it is a question many have. Pay Cash verses Mortgage needs some food for thought and much consideration when deciding either way, There are ups and downs in deciding to Pay Cash verses …

8 Hot Tips To Win The Home You Want

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  Many markets and neighborhoods in Oakland County are experiencing a shortage of homes for sale right now. When that happens, prospective home buyers can find themselves losing out to other home buyers who have their ducks lined up and a good real estate pro working with them. In greater Oakland County Michigan this happens quite frequently and in this market it pays to have the right Real Estate agent to work hard on your behalf to assure you have everything you need in place to come out ahead.  If you want to purchase a home in Oakland County Michigan …