national tv dinner day

Today’s National TV Dinner Day

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Today’s National TV Dinner Day, September 10,2014 and it looks like it will be one of those evenings tonight as the Greater Oakland County area will see rain and storms this evening (Lets hope power remains on) and who wants to go grocery shopping or cook during the rain? Although National TV Dinner Day is not a recognized Holiday it is indeed a celebration to some. A new product, called “TV Dinners” was introduced by C.A. Swanson & Sons in 1953.  This changed the prepackaged meal industry forever.  Every year on September 10, we commemorate the “TV Dinner” on National TV …

Top Real Estate News Of The Week

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Top Real Estate News Of The Week                                                                              Pending Home Sales Up And we have some positive numbers to report today – Pending Home Sales in July rose 3.3% on a month over month basis according to the latest data from THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. The P-H-S numbers, a leading indicator of the health of the housing market, are at their highest …


A Condo or Townhome In Mind

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Homeownership can be a great investment that also gives people a sense of stability and control. Yet, many first-time buyers don’t have the time, interest or budget to handle a home with a yard. Condominiums, co-operatives and townhomes are three options available to newbie home buyers seeking an alternative to single-family dwellings. Advantages Daily life in a townhome, condo or co-op can be less taxing — both in terms of lifestyle and expense. Lacking a yard and living in a multi-unit complex allows owners to spend time away from home without much worry about upkeep or security. The “lock and leave” …

power outage

Ready for The Next Power Outage?

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Ready for the next power outage with these simple tips. Many of us experienced the powerful storms that hit our community last Friday and I for one was not prepared for the almost three days of no electricity. We realize how important electricity is to our lives when things such as basic electricity is missing and the horribly inconvenience it can cause. The storms that hit South East Michigan seemed to be a normal occurrence with the weather changing from a muggy to cooling down, but the winds from this storm were close to 70 mph leaving  more than 400,000 …

home team


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Home Team-When it’s time to buy a home, you’ll find it takes a team of professionals working together on your behalf. With so many people involved in such a large purchase, it pays to know who is responsible for each facet of the home- buying process. The first professionals, of course, are real estate professionals—like us—who help you begin and close the home-search process. Our local expertise and market knowledge help you make an informed decision when you are searching for the perfect home. Remember, a seller’s listing agent is committed to the seller’s interests only, working to get the highest possible …


Relatives Can Help Home Buyers

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Many times I meet home buyers that want to buy but due to their circumstances just can’t for reasons such as credit issue, not enough for down payments or not enough time on their jobs but relatives can help. It’s difficult to see these kind of clients not being able to pursue the American dream. I also have had many home buyers get help from relatives to help them get started with their first home purchase. Many would think that these home buyers need to wait to purchase until they or are able to buy on their own, but there …

money diet


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Money Diet 7 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Loan Payment And Increase Your Savings There are many ways to reduce the amount of money you send each month to your mortgage company. You just have to know where to cut the fat. Check out these seven money-diet tips to discover how you can slim down your monthly mortgage payment. 1. Refinance to a lower interest rate. Even a half-percent drop in your interest rate could save you hundreds of dollars a year. Drop a whole percentage point, say from 6% to 5% on a $150,000 mortgage for 30 years, and you’ll save …

Ready To List

Listing Your Home

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Listing your home can seem like a complicated process and some home sellers have their own theory about listing agents and even agents all together. Understanding how the process works and how your listing can work for you is the first step in realizing its not as complicated as one would make it seem. I hope this information will help in understanding the listing process and how your home listing can work for you. Unlike many other professionals, real estate agents are only paid if they are successful — if the home sale goes through. A lawyer who loses a …

Labor Day 2014

Labor Day Weekend Home Schuffle

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Home Searching on Labor Day weekend, many of my home sellers and home buyers always ask me “Do home buyers look for homes on Labor Day weekend” my reply is yes. The Labor Day weekend is about a celebration of the American labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers, but it is a great time for retailers and others in the market for goods and services especially home buyers in the market for a new home. Home sellers should take advantage of large numbers of potential home buyers free to shop; Labor Day has become an …


Home Seller Fix Ups

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Many soon-to-be-sellers ask us how much time, effort and money they should put into Home Seller fix ups. In general, there is no hard and fast rule. It can depend on what type of buyer you are trying to appeal to. If your target buyer is a “fixer-upper” buyer, then obviously your cash outlay may be considerably lower than for a “move-in condition” buyer. The Three Phases Of Fix-ups The basics. Requires a minimum cash outlay, typically requiring more elbow grease than money. Includes: Mow the lawn. Trim the bushes. Edge. Clean closets, storage areas, garage. Wash windows. Scour the …