A Condo or Townhome In Mind

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Homeownership can be a great investment that also gives people a sense of stability and control. Yet, many first-time buyers don’t have the time, interest or budget to handle a home with a yard. Condominiums, co-operatives and townhomes are three options available to newbie home buyers seeking an alternative to single-family dwellings. Advantages Daily life in a townhome, condo or co-op can be less taxing — both in terms of lifestyle and expense. Lacking a yard and living in a multi-unit complex allows owners to spend time away from home without much worry about upkeep or security. The “lock and leave” …


Great Strategies For Buying Your Next Home

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If you’ve decided it’s time to move up to a bigger home, new home a better home or a home in a more coveted area, your next challenge will be getting there financially. Great Strategies for buying your next home is the key and It’s likely you’ll need more cash, a larger income and, perhaps, better credit than you had when you purchased your current home. Putting all the pieces in place for the move up could take some time and detailed planning. Great Strategies for buying you next home can help with the head-aches and surprises that come along …