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Some Farmington Hills Home Loan Applicants, a Surprise Boost

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A July Surprise for Farmington Hills Home Loan Applicants Farmington Hills Home Loan Applicants May See Credit Boost  For a few Farmington Hills mortgage applicants, next week may see a one-time favorable change in how they are viewed by home loan lending institutions. It’s a technical change that could amount to a significant difference in the results they get when they apply for Farmington Hills home loans. The first evidence of what the Washington Post calls “a surprise boost” will be triggered on Saturday, which marks the July 1 beginning of a changeover in the information gathered by the three …

Mortgage pros and cons - How to get a home loan in Oakland County MI

Mortgage Loan-The Four Key Benefits For You

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A Mortgage, It’s a big decision: Taking on a monthly mortgage payment is no small matter. That payment will probably become a homebuyer’s biggest expense. And what if you can’t pay on time? Get sick? Lose a job? Divorce? You could see your credit score plummet. But there’s another side to taking on a first mortgage loan. Not only does such a loan allow a renter to become a homeowner—that mortgage also brings with it several financial benefits, everything from big savings at tax time to a boost in your credit score. If you’re debating whether it’s time for a …