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“location, location, location” and Novi MI

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“location, location, location” and Novi MI It’s a maxim in real estate that the three most crucial factors in selecting a home are “location, location, location” and Novi MI is a great place to start looking for a home! It’s also true! No matter how wonderful the home is, the location is key to how well you’ll like living in it and how well it sells when you’re ready to move on. Before you buy, carefully check the Novi MI factors to be sure the home you like is really the one you want to live in and be able …

Cash or Mortgage

Pricing Your Home to Sell In Greater Oakland County

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When it comes to pricing your home to sell in Greater Oakland County, you’ll find lots of “experts.” The neighbors may want you to set a high price, thinking it will make their homes more valuable. Your company may encourage you to set a lower price so the home will sell quickly and you can move to your new assignment. You might be thinking in terms of what you paid for your home, how much you’ve spent on it, or how much profit you want from it. But who sets the price? When you put your house on the market …

All About Farmington Hills Mi Plus Real Estate

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All about Farmington Hills Michigan Plus Real Estate Farmington Hills Michigan is a great place to Buy or Sell a Home and is one of the most sought after areas in the Greater Oakland County Area. The blog is all about Farmington Hills Mi plus Real Estate and the background of the city of Farmington Hills which is known for our historical downtown, elegant Victorian-style homes, and one of Michigan’s top rated public school systems. The residential neighborhoods within the City of Farmington Hills have varied characteristics. A positive attribute to the City is the mixture of housing type, size, age and …


Greater Oakland County Home Buyers BUY OR WAIT?

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Greater Oakland County Home Buyers BUY OR WAIT?…                                                                                                               Check The Answer That’s Right For You There’s no right or wrong answer when you ask: “Is it the right time to buy a home in the Greater Oakland County area ?” For some, it’s a great …

Living In Northville Mi

Living the City of Northville

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 Living the City of Northville This weekend was my Birthday so I spent time in the City of Northville in the Greater Oakland County Mi area reflecting on how much it has changed over the last ten years and always finding myself wanting to move there from Farmington Hills. It was a beautiful day Sunday so I had a seat on one of the benches and just people watched. the feeling of Halloween was all around and many of the residence were out walking and enjoying the Summer like day. On the drive there I did notice the beautiful autumn colors …

Greater Oakland County Halloween Fun

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Greater Oakland County Halloween Fun          It’s that time of year again, when the child in us wants to get out and play as we did when we were younger. If you’re anything like me I procrastinate about Halloween until the last minute with whether to stay in and pass out candy or to go out to a party or Haunted House. The Greater Oakland County area offers so much to celebrate Halloween regardless if you are a child or an adult. One of the things I enjoy most this time of year is seeing home buyers …

MI State

Congratulations to Troy Mi, Sterling Heights and Westland Mi

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When it comes to the best cities to live in, it is always great to see some of our local cities make the list Troy, Michigan (No.7),Sterling Heights, Michigan (No.41) and Westland, Michigan (No.50) according to 247 Wall The selection is based on a variety of factors, including economics, crime and education. Being a Realtor in these areas that surround the mentioned cities that made the top 50 in the U.S. is very exciting and shows the hard work these communities and cities have done to make this spot in History. What They Had To Say Troy, Michigan > Median …


Finding The Right School

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When it comes time to buy your next home in Oakland County Michigan, your decision will be based on dozens of criteria. If you’re like many home buyers, good schools will be at the very top of your list. Even buyers without children are often concerned about the quality of schools. They know property values in Oakland County Michigan often reflect the reputation of local schools-both public and private-and that a home near good schools may be easier to sell later on. Tips For Locating The Right Schools Plan Ahead It pays to look at schools early in the house-hunting …


Downsize, Right Size Or Cross Size

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Downsize, Right Size Or Cross Size…That’s the question when it come to retirement. Many baby-boomers are getting set to do just that, Retire! It is an exciting thing, but also big decisions that come along with it when it comes to downsizing your home. Some situations mean that the home is too big or the yard is too much to maintain or yo just want to move somewhere warmer. No matter what the reason these steps should help you make the best situation that is right for you. Even if you’ve never thought about your retirement plan, the desire to …


Are You Selling at The Right Price

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Are You Selling at The Right Price, this is a question that we are faced with at every listing appointment we go on. There are many factors that play a role in setting the right price and frankly many of them are not understood by the home seller. Some home sellers feel that if their neighbor sold for a certain price, then they can go above that price because of course their home has this or that update etc… This is normal as home sellers feel and rightly so sometimes that they have more to offer in their home. I …