9 FSBO Pitfalls & Lessons Learned

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Whether you’ve lived in your Farmington Hills home for a few months or a few decades, you probably think you know it best. But that doesn’t mean you’re the most qualified person for the job when the time comes to sell it. Many folks are tempted to take the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route believing they’ll save a bundle by not paying an agent’s commission. They may imagine it’s a simple as sticking a sign in the ground and watching a qualified buyer magically appear. While that may happen occasionally, the vast majority of that time it doesn’t work …

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Maximize Summertime Farmington Hills House Showings

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When the Farmington Hills weather turns sizzling, you might think that house showings might go better by holding off for milder weather. After all, as the mercury rises, energy levels tend to wilt, so prospective buyers willing to take on a big initiative—like lining up a new house—might seem to be in short supply. You might think that—but the evidence actually points in the opposite direction. It seems that the hottest weather invites more home buying instead of less. At least that’s what the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests—and experts at Fannie Mae agree. The NBER finds that “warm …

Holding Homes for Sale in Northville

Homes for Sale in Northville—What Triggers Buyers?

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What are the most common changes in circumstances that send buyers out looking for homes for sale in Northville? What are the events that trigger typical prospects to comb through the Northville listings, contact Northville Realtors®, set out on house tours—and ultimately make the offer that results in the move to a new home? The answer to that question may be different for everyone, but some in-depth research has come up with interesting similarities among groups of active homebuyers. It matches a conclusion that also conforms with common sense: namely, that the motivating events (or “triggers”) sometimes vary by age …

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Renting Your Northville Home Has an Emotional Dimension

The Transformation from Owning to Renting Your Northville Home Renting or selling your Northville home; From our earliest days, everybody in Northville is inundated with tale of transformations. It started with those grade school day trips to science places with exhibits showing the improbable progression of fish (well, pollywogs) into frogs. There were nature TV shows with sped-up motion films demonstrating the unlikely truth that icky caterpillars DO turn into graceful butterflies. In fact, Northville cable TV is littered with the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel and PBS and the NatGeo Channel—all of which seem to be dedicated into …

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Events Solidify Farmington Hills Mortgage Rate Speculation

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Last week there was another interest rate development—though it was a slightly whipsawed kind of development. Since mortgage interest rates are so important to the bottom line in all but all-cash Farmington Hills residential home sales, the direction rates are headed is something worth watching closely. Last Wednesday was one of those days that come about twice a year. It was the occasion when the Federal Reserve Chairman is called upon to testify before Congress. The date is set as a biannual marker for revealing what’s likely to lie ahead for interest rates. If the Fed is going to decide …

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Half a Dozen Vacation Safety Tips for Farmington Hills Homeowners

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Your Next Vacation Safety Time An overstuffed curbside mailbox, blazing porch light at noon, or a pile of newspapers out there by your front door all indicate a couple of things Farmington Hills homeowners would do well to avoid to have a vacation safety time. For burglars and housebreakers of all stripes, these are like lighted billboards announcing: This Farmington Hills homeowner is off somewhere enjoying a nice summer vacation; and This afternoon and/or evening, there’s nobody home! Every Farmington Hills homeowner deserves an extended break now and then—and the July/August weather makes now the ideal time for many—but it’s …

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Farmington Hills Real Estate Estimate Makeover

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Automated Farmington Hills Real Estate Estimator Cries for Help For any kind of Farmington Hills real estate activity—whether you are buying or selling; financing or refinancing; whether for your family residence or as an investment—there are at least two value estimation figures that determine how the Farmington Hills transaction is likely to fare. The first is a value estimate that you come up with: a dollar amount that reflects what the subject property is worth to you. That’s a calculation likely to be based on some mix of the property’s features, your own personal tastes, and your financial profile and …

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Farmington Hills Mortgages & Student Loan Phenomenon

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Farmington Hills Mortgages Strategy Includes Student Loan Burden All of a sudden last month Farmington Hills readers might have come across a number of new articles dealing with the same topic of Farmington Hills Mortgages: The problem Farmington Hills mortgages milinials young first time home buyers are encountering due to outstanding student loans. The target group is the millennials—everyone born between the early 1980s and 2000s. If you are one of them, you are frequently reminded that there are millions and millions of you out there. And millions who also share the same student loan problem. There are conflicting accounts …

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Novi House Value Boosters that Make Most Sense

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8 Top Ideas for Boosting Novi House Value (S) From time to time it can be fun to scour the latest “Top Ten” lists of cost-conscious ways to increase the value of Novi house value.    Some make more sense than others. Upgrading bathroom vanity cabinets appears on some of the house value lists, for instance—but those lists were probably thrown together in a hurry since the return on investment is admitted to be 66%. When an investment returns two-thirds of its cost, it’s hardly competitive. For Novi homeowners preparing to sell, vanity cabinets don’t belong on the action list. …

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Market Low Inventory Continues Vexing Homebuyers

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It’s not an illusion in this years 2017 market. In many neighborhoods within Oakland County, there aren’t enough homes for sale to match up with all the eager buyers looking to buy. This is great news for home sellers, though. Sellers are in the driver’s seat in today’s real estate market: commanding top dollar for their move-in ready homes; dictating the terms of sale; often experiencing multiple bids on their home. Buyers need to be quick in this market, but not careless: get preapproved for a home loan; don’t skip the home inspection and specialty (mold, radon, termite, pest, etc.) …