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Signs Everywhere Mean a Better Agent?

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Signs are Everywhere-Is he a better Agent?     Yard Signs can be misleading,… you want to hire the best agent when you sell your house in Oakland County Michigan and not just a signs in the yard. You see real estate agent “John Listalots” all over town. His signs are everywhere. So, you figure he must be a great agent. It seems like he sells almost everything in town, and you figure that he probably “has all the buyers”. From an outsider’s point of view, this makes sense… What better way to gauge and choose the best agent to list …

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High Priced House, Slow Market

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House Not Showing? Picture having your house for sale, and you feel like it isn’t being shown enough. Or maybe it isn’t really being shown at all.   You expected lots of buyers coming through. Ideally, you even expected an offer (or multiple offers!) to come in pretty quickly. But instead, not that many people seem to even know your house is for sale. Otherwise, they’d come out and see it. If people would come and see it, the house would practically sell itself, because it’s so nice. You’re discouraged, frustrated, and angry… You wonder if your real estate agent …

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Location, Location, Location

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Everyone’s heard that the three most important things to consider when buying real estate are “location, location, location”… It’s true enough. Location matters. Location affects the value. Location affects how easy it is to re-sell. Location affects the enjoyment of the property (depending on a person’s tolerance levels). In a perfect world, everyone would live on a quiet, dead-end street, with professionally landscaped yards, and friendly neighbors. But that’s just not the case… There are homes on main roads. And people buy them and live in them. Yet, pretty much anyone you ask will say, “You shouldn’t buy a house …

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Estate Sale Advise-Emotional Separation

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Estate Sale Advice? An Estate Sale is something that must be done when one of your family members passes away and something needs be done with their possessions. They had A LOT of possessions and calls for a estate sale. If it was a senior citizen, they often had a whole house full of stuff. You and the family go through everything, and divide up what you want. Perhaps you even hold a garage sale. Even so, there is still A LOT of stuff left and it needs to be either sold, disposed of or moved. Often, people in this …

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Hot Deal Seeker Read First

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Hot Deal? Do You Have One? Hot Deal-How about a house that’s already underpriced, and is being overlooked by every buyer in the market? And the owner is super motivated. Desperate even. And would probably take even less than they are asking already. Just by buying it at such a low price you’re going to make money. But, if you put a few bucks in, you’ll make way more money. And quickly. So, what’s the secret? How do you get in on such a hot deal!? Apparently, a lot of people think the road to riches is paved with one …

Pets Best Move Ever

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Pets and Making It Up To Them After The Move You have read all the advice on moving with pets, and you have plans in place to make the transition as easy as possible for your dog and/or cat. We will call them Butch and Fluffy (Butch is the dog). The big moving day has arrived and Butch and/or Fluffy are freaking out. And since our pets are more important than life itself, we can’t have them going bonkers, can we? So, here are some good ideas for making your pet (and you) feel at home after a move. First, …

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Market Low Inventory Continues Vexing Homebuyers

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It’s not an illusion in this years 2017 market. In many neighborhoods within Oakland County, there aren’t enough homes for sale to match up with all the eager buyers looking to buy. This is great news for home sellers, though. Sellers are in the driver’s seat in today’s real estate market: commanding top dollar for their move-in ready homes; dictating the terms of sale; often experiencing multiple bids on their home. Buyers need to be quick in this market, but not careless: get preapproved for a home loan; don’t skip the home inspection and specialty (mold, radon, termite, pest, etc.) …

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A Stress Free Selling Season

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Stress Free Selling Season A stress free selling season means as a seller in the real estate market, it’s up to you to cater to the buyer and their needs. You have to always remember that people have to really want the home in order to spend a lot of money on it, so use the tips provided in this article to turn your property into a buyer’s dream so that it moves as quickly as possible and a stress free selling season experience as possible. The Best time of Year (Tip One) When you’re selling your home, stop and …


Plymouth Michigan Ice Festival

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Plymouth Michigan is hosting the world class Plymouth Michigan Ice Festival in beautiful downtown Plymouth in Kellogg Park!. If you have no plans and would love to see some  wonderful pieces of ice sculptures on the planet, this is for you. The Plymouth Michigan Ice Festival  is a tradition that’s exciting and fun for the whole family and always free for all ages. The sculptures will remain in place 24 hours a day weather permitting. It is said that an ice company delivers 400 separate 300-pound blocks of ice that get used to create about 70 different, finely detailed ice …

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HGTV Fun Facts and Dirty Little Secrets

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Television channels like HGTV and DIY have truly changed residential real estate for the better. Thanks to these channels, buyers and sellers today are more educated about their homes’ structures, décor, and remodeling costs. Everybody’s expectations are higher and most buyers and sellers’ creativity is too. Have you wondered about how these shows are made? What is real and what is not? Here are some fun facts. HGTV VS Reality First, for the remodeling or fix and flip shows on HGTV, the remodeling budget is truly a homeowners’ remodeling budget. If the homeowners have wanted more than their budget will …