Farmington Hills Housing Inventory map

Farmington Hills Housing Inventory: The Lack Of

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As a Realtor for 17 years there I personally have never experienced a time like this for Farmington Hills housing inventory and the lack of it. The last time I checked the statistics there were less than 2 months’ worth of inventory currently in the Farmington Hills housing inventory which play into itself and effects more homes to become listings and available on the market for home buyers. It would seem that the very low Farmington Hills housing inventory prevents current home owners to get their homes on the market as they may find themselves in a situation as most …

Farmington Hills Mortgage Rates

Farmington Hills Mortgage Rates: Perception and Reality

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Farmington Hills mortgage rates have been so low for such a long time that it would be surprising if area buyers didn’t begin to take them for granted. It’s only human nature. Addressing would-be home buyers who, though qualified, remain on the sidelines, government-sponsored Freddie Mac headlined the question, “If Housing Is So Affordable, Why Doesn’t It Feel That Way?” The article appeared in Freddie Mac’s Insight publication which noted that right now housing isn’t just affordable—it’s “near record” affordable! HUD’s Housing Affordability Index has been rising for over 35 years, interrupted only briefly by the housing crisis of the …

Farmington Hills house hunters

6 Categories of Farmington Hills House Hunters

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Trying to categorize Farmington Hills house hunters motivations and levels of seriousness is something that’s hard to resist. Many a successful seller will tell you how they originally mistook the ultimate buyer for an unreliable looky-loo (or vice-versa). Still, judging from the articles written on the subject, apparently it’s worth recognizing the different sorts of house hunters and the categories that describe them. Category names vary, but here are six cited most frequently: Serious surveyor. The most common variety of house hunter, the serious surveyor has usually viewed the Farmington Hills listings online, prepared a budget, and possibly even pre-qualified …

Home Sales

Farmington Hills Existing Home Sales Dip-Inventory to Blame?

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Home sales seems to have been in the negative lately and its not from the lack of Realtors like myself trying to get sellers homes on the market here in Farmington Hills. As one would drive around, like myself there are less and less home sales in the area, could this be due to high prices or lack of home buyers in the market to purchase? As of writing this there are 228 homes currently for sale on the market in Farmington Hills and with a population of 80,000 plus that doesn’t leave much to choose from for potential home …

“Cotton Candy Man” Stephen Das Is an Inspiration

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This morning I needed some inspiration and this story from the Oakland Press seemed to have done the trick for me. Many of our youth could learn a great lesson from Stephen Das aka “Cotton Candy Man”  who spoke Longacre Elementary School students in Farmington Hills about giving back and inspiring others. Stephen Das really does have inspire me and his story, hopefully will inspire you as well. Teaching our children to give back is so powerful for their future lives that it cannot be measured but only inspired by people such as Stephen Das. After reading this article I’m …


3 Ways Real Estate Agent (s) SAVE You Money

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A Real Estate Agent Can Actually SAVE You Money During Your Home Sale One of the main gripes that people have with a real estate agent is their commission. Many homeowners in Farmington Hills (mistakenly) think, “Why should I pay a real estate agent to do something I’m perfectly capable of doing myself?” The reason people avoid working with agents is because they think it’s going to cost them money. But in reality, working with a qualified real estate agent is worth far more than what you’ll pay in commission. In fact, working with a real estate agent can actually …

Novi Real Estate password security

Advice Eases Novi Real Estate Site Visits

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Last week came a piece of advice that’s directly applicable to Novi real estate matters. To a greater or lesser degree, it also impinges on every one of your online accounts that attempt to safeguard your privacy—for instance, when you log into your account here on my Novi real estate site. The news is about web passwords and security. For more than a decade we have been offered a choice: If we care about our security—that is, the possibility of being hacked by internet bad guys—we’ve been cautioned to create passwords with long combinations of obscure characters (like ^,@, !, …

eclipse Farmington Hills meme

Eclipse Farmington Hills: 99 Years in the Making, but

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Missing Monday’s Eclipse Farmington Hills Residence? By the beginning of Farmington Hills’s new week, Monday’s eclipse had been so thoroughly chronicled as having been “99 years in the making!” you could be forgiven for any anxiety that might result if you’d been unable to arrange to be where viewing was best. After all, we’ve been hearing from all corners that such an event doesn’t always happen within any given lifetime, for goodness sake! The undeniable takeaway was it’s now or never! Better have those proper viewing glasses at the ready, and get yourself over to where the cloud cover isn’t. …

pricing Farmington Hills home meme

Pricing Farmington Hills Home: in Search of Perfection

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Figuring out the perfect sweet-spot pricing Farmington Hills home to sell would be easier if there were a way to confirm past instances that hit that mark precisely. But that can’t be done. It’s the nature of the beast: it’s simply not possible. Even if a comparable Farmington Hills home’s asking price resulted in being sold immediately at that exact amount, it only could have been priced perfectly. We can’t know that it wasn’t priced too low. Even if the decisions on pricing  Farmington Hills home meant it was quickly met and even exceeded—IOW, it resulted in a bidding —that …


4 Reasons NOW Is The Time for Buying

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Buying a Home is Now! If you’re considering buying a home, ask any real estate agent worth their salt and they’ll tell you: NOW is the time to do it.  The real estate market is seemingly changing by the day, and if you want to get a great home for a great price, making a move now is in your best interest; conditions a year from now (or even six months from now) aren’t likely to be as hospitable. And why is that? Why shouldn’t you, if you’re interested in buying a home, wait? Why is NOW the time to …